Ten Reasons Why You Should Enter the Golden Rose …. By Nancy Brophy

1.  You are a romance writer who hasn’t met the RWA qualifications for PAN (published author network).

2. Precursor to the Golden Heart and national recognition

3. Quality feedback from three writers (at least one of whom will be published)

4. Great judges in the final category

Contemporary   Series Romance

Nicole Fischer, Avon/HarperCollins

Contemporary   Single Title

Rebecca Strauss, DeFiore and Company


Jennifer Udden,   Donald Maass Agengy

Mainstream   Novel with Strong Romantic Elements

Emily Ohanjanians, HQN


Amy Boggs, Donald Maass Agency

Romantic   Suspense

Eric Ruben, Ruben Agency

Young   Adult

Lauren Ruth, Entangled Publishing


5. You are a contest slut and love flaunting your winnings. Oh, wait, that may only apply to me.

6. You support Rose City Romance Writers and we love you for it.

7. The idea of a real golden rose appeals to you – particularly since you won it.

8. You know you are a better writer than everyone else – and this will prove it.

9. 10,000 words – no synopsis until final round.

10. It wouldn’t hurt to give NY one more chance.

Here’s the URL.  http://rosecityromancewriters.com/contest-home/

Entries accepted beginning June 1. Enter early. Enter often. Make Favorite Aunt Nancy proud.

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  1. I agree with you. For me when I get negative feedback I do not leap into air and click my heels together in glee. Sometimes I have to think about the comment for several days before I can make a change. I had an idea for a story where the hero had a run-in with the villain early. Negative feedback had me dropping the whole first section.

    This year the contest is 10,000 words which is only 40 pages


  2. I think the best reason to enter this is the quality of feedback contestants get. Most of us write in a vacuum, and getting honest feedback from someone who doesn’t know you is difficult to find. Yes, finding out you should cut your first chapter out of the book isn’t fun, or that your spiked-heels heroine who kicks cats isn’t sympathetic, but it might be the best feedback you ever received. 🙂

    Oh, one more reason. The Golden Rose is one of the few contests left that actually judges a significant number of pages (about 50). Most contests ask for 10 pages or maybe 20. I don’t know about you, but having that many pages means if you flub the beginning, but get going around page 25, the judges can still see your genius and comment on it and tell you how to make the whole 50 pages work. Believe me, this happened to me several times when I first started submitting manuscripts.

    Enter! It’s worth it.


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