Image? Writer’s Persona? Who Are You? Really? …by Susan Lute

Two Saturday’s ago I went to a workshop taught by C. Morgan Kennedy and Therese Patrick from Author Marketing 101. ThisSteam punk girl with Typewriter. fantastic duo are marketing gurus who’s primary focus is teaching authors how to authentically market themselves and their novels. As part of that endeavor, they also do a workshop, Creating Your Author Persona, about building a public face that embraces the author and their published work. If you get a chance to take this excellent workshop, don’t hesitate. It’s fabulous, and Morgan and Therese make you think about the whole of who you are as a writer/author, bringing all your threads together in a single focal point.

My first assignment is to give my website a facelift. I wish I could say I ‘got ‘er done’, but…you know life and the rock in my pocket. They’re always getting in the way. I can say I’m almost there. Soon we’ll have the unveiling, and you can tell me if I hit the sweet spot, or not.

On a similar note, See Jane Publish is turning two in June and we’re planning a big party. More of that to come later, but first we’ve decided to explore a new image for Jane. We started out, three Janes on the journey to publication. We have since added two more Janes. It’s been tremendous fun, and now we’d like to give back to our loyal readers. More to come on that, too. In the meantime, I wonder if you could help us out. We talk…journal even…about our journey. We regularly have the USA Today Best Selling Book List. We’ve had guest authors, and industry professionals. Sometimes we’re serious, sometimes snarky, oftentimes amazed at how the industry is turning on its collective ear. But what is our image in the cyber world? Who is See Jane, really? I want to hear it from you, if you don’t mind.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to revitalize my website, work on getting my nursing license in other states than the one I live in (a mandate from my employer), steal thirty minutes here and there to write Dragon’s Keeper, and if I’m lucky get some research time in for the new project. “See” you tomorrow.

PS. You’ll notice my new day to post is Tuesdays.

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  1. As I approach my first year here at SJP, I see the blog as ever-evolving. The worst thing for a writer (IMHO) is to be static in this industry. The writing business is always changing, and we must float or sink with the tide, or get stranded on the beach :-).

    Personally, I’d love to see more from an editor’s prospective (and not just pet-peeves, but more on how editors see the publishing industry, what is changing in their world and how they’re adapting to stay relevant, etc.).

    My question is, what can we add to this blog to make it more interesting & topical?


  2. To me, See Jane Publish is a fun and interesting blog from a variety of perspectives that focuses mainly on the publishing business and the writer’s life. The Janes are a good source of useful information and an enjoyable read.


  3. Good question about image in cyber world. For me, you are three very different writers in personality and in approach to how you write. The thing that ties you together with this blog was, at the beginning anyway, appeared to be a strong self-publishing publishing focus. I think you’ve morphed into a hybrid publishing focus with small press component because one of you works for a small press.

    Unless your 350+ followers have a consistent desire for you to be something in particular, I would suggest that rather than look backward at you have been consider looking forward to what you want to be. Just as the publishing industry is changing, almost daily, it is fine for ya’ll to change too.

    What would you like your image to be moving forward? What do you think is important to learn for your own careers and to share with others?


    • I like Maggie’s suggestion to look forward. Although taking a look at what you’ve done well is always good too 🙂 I think what I like about the Janes is the strong individual voices, the sense of camaraderie and curiosity, and the positive vibe. Happy almost-two, and keep up the good work!


      • Thanks Jessa. It was a curious question on my part since we’re planning the party and perhaps a facelift, wink, wink. It’s always interesting to see how others “see” you.


    • Good advice, Maggie. The biz has changed considerably since we started SJP. It’ll be interesting to see where it and See Jane go from here 🙂


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