We’re Having A Party…. by Nancy Brophy

Approximately two years ago, I wrote my first blog for See Jane Publish, which I reread for the first time today and was pleased to see that despite some ups and downs, I’m still trudging along the path. As the song says, I was so much younger then, I’m older than that now.NancyCB

This week See Jane is celebrating it’s second birthday. As with all ventures – change is coming – but the three original friends who began are still together and we’ve acquired more friends along the way. This will be a week of reflection and celebrations. While our cake and ice cream is virtual, our drawings for cool gifts are not. Write a comment. Sign up to receive our posts by email. Others will post more details as to how the drawings actually work. (As you know, they are wise not to trust me with relating details.)

Everybody knows the traditional happy birthday song, but not everybody remembers the teddy bear birthday song. I don’t remember every verse, but here’s the part I do remember…

Today, today, today, today is your birthday. It’s not the beavers or the bears. Not the pickles or the pears. Not next week or yesterday, but today, today, today, today is your birthday. (It sounds better when sung – trust me.)

Here is the first post from me that started it off…


MountainThere are, it is said, as many paths to the top of the mountain as those wishing to undertake the journey. But each path has consequences, good and bad. Roadblocks will hinder you, bushes with thorns will scratch your tender skin and mucus-drooling trolls will demand steep payment for passage over a bridge so scary you doubt it will support your weight.

Many will start. Few will finish. Some will find the cost too great and will turn back. Others will re-evaluate their goal and discover satisfaction somewhere beneath the pinnacle. Yet, there will be a group that trudges onward and upward.

If you think because I bring this up that I have divine insight, you would be wrong. Like you, I am on my journey, hoping I’ve chosen the right path.

I am indie published.

As I’m sure you have, I’ve read stories of authors who became instant millionaires as well as those who failed to sell a single book. I’ve read how to do it, but in truth what I’ve discovered is that there is no magical answer. What works for one is not a universal salve. But I learned several truths, which I will also share.

Indie pubbed is not for the shy or those who don’t want to market. Marketing is hard work that takes time away from writing. You are the editor, the publishing house, the agent, the bookseller and the promotion.

A bad book is still a bad book. Indie pubbed will not change that. There may well be a good reason why New York said no. While you may think the world is ready for your novel, there is a possibility you are wrong. Worse, your work is on the line for anyone to read and post a review.

If you are not prepared for criticism, keep your novel in your computer. Your family and friends do not count as critics.

You have to look inside your heart and discover what you really want. If fame is the answer, profanity-laced rants will get you there. Negative publicity can get you into the public eye, but it can also be a career killer.

I love being indie published. I love the freedom of not writing to a particular line or genre. When I see my books online, I feel like a real author. It makes me smile, and my heart fills with pride.

But not a single day that goes by that I haven’t wished it was easier or that I was smarter or my path was more clearly marked.


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  1. See Jane Publish is educational, informative, and entertaining – which is why it’s one of the few blogs I follow. Keep up the good work!


  2. This blog has been a beacon of light to many of us. It has always been refreshing to laugh with you as you ask questions and share your journey, to nod my head as other Jane’s have shared theirs, and to say Thank You for teaching me something along the way–even if that something is simply “persevere”. Happy Birthday to all the Janes!


  3. Your blog has done good! Happy Birthday! Good indie advice here.



  4. Nancy – you have proven to be a writer with great insight and timeless advice. Love following and reading your blog, even though I haven’t commented much :-). (Yeah, I know I’m exempt from the drawings, but couldn’t resist the urge to comment.)


  5. Well put, Nancy. So much work to indie pub, but also rewarding.


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