Celebrate! Looking Back Over The Last Two years …by Susan Lute

82022664-C11 Susan 2 cropped portraitWe’ve had a lot of discussions lately in writing dens across the country about the changing face of publishing. Should we print pub, e-pub, or hop on board the newest train, self-pub (sometimes called indie pub)? Or, is the best business model some combination of the three?

We’re here to find out. We three ‘Janes’ – Kim, Nancy and I – are three intrepid authors, ready to step into the unknown. We’re embarking on a journey to publication, whatever that may look like. Along the way, we invite you to join us. Each of us has very distinct areas of interest. Kim knows the industry, agents and editors. Nancy, the craft. I’m the ‘cheerleader’.

Over the next few months, we’ll be adding segments to this blog that will encourage – we hope – two way communication, from us to you, and from you, our fellow authors and readers, to us. Coming down the pike: Guest Bloggers, Crazy Hair Friday, New On The Bookshelf, What We’re Reading, and much more.

Join us. Sit for a spell. Tell us what you’re thinking. And we’ll share with you our bumpy journey, with some value added extras for good measure.

Ciao for now~


*  *  *

This was our very first blog, and my first post for See Jane Publish. Wow. Where has the time gone? It’s been a phenomenal journey so far. We’ve come a long way, baby, and it’s not over yet. Let’s look back.

We’ve added two honorary Janes, Darla Luke and Jessie Smith. We never got to Crazy Hair Fridays (sounds like fun, though, right?). We’ve bailed on what the Janes are reading. We read everything. Hunky men frequently make an appearance. We’ve LOVED that you tell us what you’re thinking.

In the last two years the publishing industry has turned on it’s ear. The tools for self publishing have evolved to the point that it’s a snap of the fingers to Indie publish. Sometimes, if your sales are good enough, you don’t have to go looking for a traditional publisher. They come looking for you. There’s a new kid hanging out at the local soda bar, called a hybrid author. This is an author who’s traditionally published, and also Indie pubbed. Marketing remains an enigma. There is no yellow brick road to selling books, except to write the next book and then the next. There is a new phenomenon rising – being an authentic part of an online community sells books. Building his or her own tribe raises the chances an author will do well. Some authors stumbled on this truth by accident. Others understood firecracker_1it from the beginning. Besides writing a dang good book, I think this could be the answer to becoming a financially successful storyteller. Price point is also a factor influencing books sales. In my ongoing determination to understand the whole picture of Indie publishing, and to test this theory, Jane’s Long March Home, my first Indie novel, is now $.99.

We here at SJP are grateful you’ve stayed through thick and thin. To celebrate with us click on the PAARRTAAYY! tab. We’ve got swag.

So, join us for a while longer. Sit for a spell. Keep telling us what you’re thinking. We’ll keep sharing.


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Author, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, dreamer.

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  1. Also, don’t forget to check out the winners in the Paarrtaay tab 😀


  2. Welcome, Sari! Thanks for stopping by 😀


  3. Happy Birthday to the See Jane girls!! Congratulations on your second year in a row!! keep up the good work!!


  4. Thanks so much, ladies 😀


  5. I love the nobody-knows-exactly-how-but-go-forth-anyway attitude here. If we wait to know all the answers, we will never sell anything. Great blog!


  6. Keep up the good work. You gals are doing great! I enjoy your posts.



  7. When I remember to pop in here, I’ve enjoyed the posts. Keep it up Janes and Janes’ helpers!


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