E-books And Book Tours …by Susan Lute

If you’ve been hanging out lately, you know Dragon’s Thief is on tour. The thing you might not know is, sending a book out onSteam punk girl with Typewriter. tour is NOT about selling books. It’s about making friends, and building community. Not the BFF kind of friends, though I think that can happen on occasion, kind of like meeting at the local watering hole and becoming instant buddies. No I think the kind of community you make on tour are the ones who will see your name again and say to their BFF, “I met her on line, and she was so funny…or nice…or some other kudo,” that makes them add, “I wonder what she’s up to today. Let’s find out.” I hope I was nice, and funny, and worthy of a second look this week.

Because of the tour, I ended up cruising the net. A lot. I have some links to share.

Paranormal Cravings. I spent hours there checking out all the cool books.

Thanks to Maggie Jaimeson: The Writings And Opinions Of Dean Wesley Smith, and Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Dean’s post about making a living writing short stories re-inspired me to kick it up a notch and write, really write, an hour a day/5 days a week. No research; no internet; no plotting the next scene for this one hour. He has the numbers. Check it out.

From Cassiel Knight , a Huffington Post on How To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Book. I’m a newcomer to Pinterest, but I love it. Mostly because, like writing the dragons, there’s no writing rules but the ones I make.

Mercer Addison’s new website. She just indie published her first book! Congratulations Mercer! If you haven’t already seen it, beautiful cover, catchy website.

And on Facebook: Windtree Press Author Cooperative, and I Love Romance Novels.

Today I bought five new books, Mercer Addison’s Even Nectar Is Poison, and J.T. Geissinger’s Shadow’s Edge, Edge Of Oblivion (which I LOVED, but had to have the set on my Kindle), and Rapture’s Edge. AJ Nuest’s She’s Got Dibs also sounded interesting enough to buy, but it was free.

Those I met on this first week of the book tour, who signed up for my newsletter, were entered into a drawing for a free copy of Dragon’s Thief. And, I worked in the garden today. It’s been a stellar week. Hope yours was as good.


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Author, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, dreamer.

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  1. It looks like you’ve been getting around! 😉 Great links! Keep writing it is the way to more books and a growing career.


  2. Just wanted to pop on real quick, Susan, and shout out a big THANK YOU for the mention! You just made my day! 🙂


  3. Nice links. Thanks! I love that you are recommitted to writing at least 1 hour every day. Huge congrats.


  4. Thanks for the great recommendations.


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