Writing A Blog Post vs Writing A Novel …by Susan Lute

This will not be long. When we recently made some changes to our blogging days, I picked Tuesdays because I thought how Steam punk girl with Typewriter.exciting it would be to write my post on Sunday and have it ready to go for Tuesday mornings. That way I wouldn’t be typing like a chicken (do chickens type?) with my head cut off, trying to meet a looming deadline I should have prepared for ahead of time. So far, good strategy. Until this weekend.

This weekend, several of us at Rose City Romance Writers entered into a…shall I call it…verbal contract to meet deadlines, self-imposed or otherwise, but mostly get our booties (as the littlest female in my house would call it) in the chair and write, write, write. I dug out an old spreadsheet – thank you for that, Jessa Slade, who has a new book out btw. I started slow, but began to make headway on my current project sometime yesterday morning. In my zeal I wrote fresh new words instead of this blog, totally forgetting until this morning when I was kicking up my heels over my first 500 words written all in one session. And then it was off to the day job.

I’m guessing writing the novel wins. I’ll be back next week with something more to say than…this won’t be long.


About Susan

Author, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, dreamer.

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  1. When the words are flowing, you just have to write. :0)


  2. Novel definitely comes first every time. 🙂


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