This Is What Happens When Two Writers Get Together …by Susan Lute

It started Friday night when I met with Wendy Warren at Panera. Lost half a day of the day job because I had to run into Steam punk girl with Typewriter.Portland to swap out my computer. Got back just in time to drop the new one off in my office, and then turn around and head our favorite meeting place. The weather was beautiful, the 30 minute drive relaxing.

Probably because we spend so much time in our offices, and in our heads, when writers get together, there’s no getting a word in edgewise. Writers write stories, but they also have their own story. Somehow we got to talking about our stories. We started with Wendy, but she tired of that pretty quick, and steered the conversation to me. Did I stop her? No. Did she take notes? Yes. We got a little carried away. You remember we both right fiction, right?

Wendy: (writing on the back of a long grocery receipt she pulled out of her purse, which she later gave to me.) Nurse by day. Best selling novelist at 4am.

Me: I got a tattoo.

Wendy: Oooh! Let me see! (then back to the receipt) Dragonkind, an escape into a world of fire and power and love and fidelity, broken but mended hearts.

Me: My office is full of dragons. (Wendy, will you be my publicist?)

Wendy: Orphaned at a young Harlequin age; got an agent; went back to work full-time.

Me: (not too impressed with how my story was going so far) I have two computers and three monitors in my office. Occasionally a dog (not mine; he belongs to the children). Sometimes two delightful little girls.

Wendy: How big is your house?

Me: 1100 square feet, plus the unfinished edition.

Wendy: Works in 1100 square foot home; lives with three generations of family; had to add 300 square feet.

Me: Huh?

Wendy: To all things there is a season. I will write no matter what (meaning I will be writing), and the dragons will live. This is the story you told when you could no longer write the others. Look at the tattoo and remember your dreams!

Me: This is every woman’s story (I told her): work hard, have a family, pursue hard to achieve dreams.

Wendy: This is your story…a dream born out of the ashes like a Phoenix (I had mentioned there’s a Phoenix in my current WIP). As in all good dreams, you began again.

Me: I’d better see your story on your blog. Can I say I write on the funny side of dark?

Wendy: {{{snort}}}

I just popped over to Too Hot Mamas. Not a mention of Wendy’s “story”, but a very funny blog about ten year olds dating. The good thing to come out of our conversation at Panera…we both accepted a challenge to report on our current WIP every morning. Friday morning I wrote 210 words; Saturday 338; Sunday in four wonderful uninterrupted hours 1851 words; today (Monday) 0. Back to the day job. But this post is 521 words plus. That counts, right?


About Susan

Author, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, dreamer.

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  1. Everything you write counts, including notes reminding yourself to write.

    I love you, Subee.



  2. lol! Apparently it takes a village to get my writing motor started again.


  3. You two make me laugh, whether in person or reading about your interactions. You are fortunate indeed to have such a lovely friendship. Glad to hear you’ve been re-inspired and your writing feet are being held to the fire. 🙂


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