The Life Of A Self-Published Author …by Susan Lute

Back in the day when I decided to become an “author” there was only one choice, so I pursued traditional publishers. AndSteam punk girl with Typewriter. was successful. Since then nothing has remained the same. For the most part Writer’s Road has always been a little bumpy. Just when you’ve smoothed it out with a new layer of pavement, there’s a rumble and a new pothole appears.

Authors…all writers are a hard working, tenacious group. Telling a good story isn’t easy. And in today’s publishing world getting it published is especially challenging. These days you’re not just a good storyteller, you’re a savvy business person too – no matter how you publish, but this is especially true for the Self-Published author.

Here’s what this wild ride looks like. It’s not for the faint of heart. You have an idea for a story. It won’t let you go about your merry way, so you write for however long it takes to get it out of your system. You revise multiple times. You have your beta readers read it. You revise. You have it edited. You revise until it’s a pearl. You create a cover, or have one done by a talented cover designer. In the meantime, you write back cover blurbs, front matter, and back matter with your story sandwiched in between. When the manuscript is ready, you put it into a conversion program, like Jutoh, or you have someone do it for you. Formatting Fairies does a great job and has very reasonable prices. When the package (your book) is complete, you upload it to the various venders, Amazon, BN, Kobo, to name just a few. You master the art of social media in whatever combination is most comfortable for you. It should include, at the very least, facebook (where you post daily if possible), and Goodreads. I heard someone say the other day fb has become a mini-blogger site. You set up your author page at Author Central at Amazon. If you don’t already have one, you get an author website; keep it updated, or have someone do it for you. The new catchword is discoverability, and there are varying opinions on whether book tours, or blog tours really help to sell books. What they do is keep your name and new release floating around the blog-o-sphere for a few weeks. AND you repeat this three to four times a year to build your reader base. This is the one case where more (but quality more) is better. Especially if your goal is to build a viable writing career.

Have I left anything out? Most likely. If this sounds daunting, believe me, some days it is.

So in honor of the hard work that has gone into making these author’s careers, I want to tip my top hat to my friends who have the tenacity of a hunting tiger, and who have hung in there on their journey to becoming hybrid or Indie authors. In alpha order, with their most recent Indie releases…drum roll please…

Jamie Brazil, A Fart In Time

Maggie Faire, Chameleon, The Awakening and The Choosing

Susan Fox, Finding Isadora

Patty Jager, Gambling On An Angel

Delilah Marvelle, Lady of Pleasure

Jessa Slade, Hotter On The Edge 2

Happy reading!


About Susan

Author, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, dreamer.

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  1. Oh gosh, some days it is just beyond daunting all the things we do. There’s never enough time, is there? You are so right on the mark with this post, Su. And Maggie is so right about not trading it for anything. I’m grateful to be in the fray with you guys.
    PS- Thanks for the shout out!


  2. Thanks for the shout out, Susan. I think you got the process right. The only thing you left out was gnashing of teeth, constant research, gnashing of teeth, talking with bloggers/reviewers to get a review posted, gnashing of teeth, evaluating conflicting advice from everyone you meet. Did I mention gnashing of teeth?

    But most of us wouldn’t trade it for anything. 🙂


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