The End Is The Beginning… by Nancy Brophy


Two years ago, Kim, Susan and I sat together planning the beginning of See Jane Publish. Yes, there was probably alcohol involved. With minimum floundering we began a blog site and recorded our separate journeys into the changing world of publishing.

Susan and I tested the waters of self-publishing while Kim headed in the direction of editing. It was a heady time. I thought I would never run out of words and those friends who know me would probably have agreed. But time brings change.

The advent of a new career has taken a toil on my writing spirit. The uphill learning curve required by a new job has depleted my creative thoughts and I have found for the past month, I had nothing to say. For the first time in my life I sit in front of a computer screen and ponder the blank page.

For me it is time to drop back and recharge.

Jessie Smith a frequent guest blogger agreed to take over the management of See Jane, bringing in fresh voices and new perspectives. Occasionally I will drop in to poke and prod my fellow writers, but for now I will sit on the sidelines.

To those who read my words, thank you. Even if you didn’t agree, I found your comments insightful and appreciated the opportunity See Jane provided.

I won’t say goodbye, but instead will end with … until we meet again.


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  1. There’s a quote that goes something like: Do not make excuses to stay, but reasons to return.
    That said, hope to see you around, Nancy! I will always want to know what’s going on in your world.


  2. Nancy! Yes, recharging is important, particularly with the busy lives we all lead. I hope you continue to keep writing, though. (Grocery lists don’t count!) 🙂


  3. I too have always looked forward to your posts. But I completely understand how a new job can take everything out of you. It’s happened to me several times. Take care and be good to yourself. Once you are acclimated to your new career, I’m betting the words will come back.


  4. Sorry to see you go, Nancy. I’ve enjoyed your posts. Take care. You can always come back later.



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