Marketing: Collette Cameron’s Fabulous Website

Happy March, y’all! Yes, it’s March already…a totally non-eventful month for most folks and that funky time of year where spring is right around the corner and your taxes are almost due <in the USA>. So why am I so excited about blah, old March? This month, us Janes are tackling a topic near and dear to my heart: Marketing!

What author marketing examples have you seen that you think are really cool or otherwise well done?

In today’s information driven world, a solid author website is a must. One of my favorite author sites belongs to Collette Cameron.

Collette Cameron's 'About' page.

Collette Cameron’s ‘About’ page.

 Here is what I love about Ms. Cameron’s website:

  • It’s beautiful! I love the color and the graphics used.
  • More importantly – it does a fabulous job of representing her books and her author persona. There is no question as to what she writes. All the information provided is clear and concise. <Plus, she included a Press Kit!>
  • The tone of the text and posts is reflective of her writer voice.
  • Her books with buy links are clearly shown – making it easy for a reader to impulse buy with one click.
  • Her author portrait is gorgeous – well, Collette is gorgeous – and her photographer did a fantastic job with lighting and poses to capture her beauty <bravo>. Her eyes and smile just seem to pop of the screen on her ‘About’ page.
  • Her site is well organized and easy to navigate.
  • Did you see those teacups? Collette told me that they are from her cupboard. The matching saucers were used to highlight her social media links.
Every teacup needs its saucer. :D
Every teacup needs its saucer. 😀

 Overall, Collette Cameron’s site is well executed and quite elegant. Check it out and let me know what you think.


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  1. Lovely site, Collette! Thanks for leading us there, Morgan!


  2. A blog is a must on an author website today. It’s a way to showcase your writing skills. Blog posts shouldn’t just be promotional “buy my book!” type posts, instead they should engage your audience.


  3. Cheryl – Thank you for spotlighting such a wonderful site!

    Collette – I have a chicken or the egg question for you – Did you have a vision for the website and find someone who had the skill set to make the website or did the website designer give you a couple of ideas to select from to design your site?


  4. Asa, gotta have the doxies in everything!


  5. In my former life, I worked as a usability expert and information architect, evaluating websites and software applications for ease of use and navigation. I so agree with you Cheryl, Collette’s site is fun and easy to use. I love how she does so much with simple design elements. Like the moving teacups and using a head shot where the color of her top mirrors the color of the site.

    Plus, any site that includes cute dachshunds is over the top in marketing potential as far as I’m concerned. 🙂


  6. Wow, what high praise coming from the marketing gurus! Thank you so much. I’m honored.


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