Day Job Collides with Night Job and I’m compelled to talk that talk…

Our March theme is to discuss our favorite marketing promotions from published authors.  In my day job, I’m a multimedia consultant.  I have yet to see an author do anything like what I’d do as a published author.  I’ve seen very similar campaigns to some degree, but I’m sure they are using a much larger budget.

I’ve had the ‘hypothetical’ conversation with people at my company… The conversation usually start off like this:  “If I sold my book, I think I’d use our Extended Network, maybe behavioral buckets, maybe a specific ad network, like Condé Nast…”

We have had fun mapping out plans and discussing the possibilities.  The one thing we always come back to, “Wow, this could really work!”

So, as I share my thoughts on author marketing, take it with a grain of salt or at least open your mind to the possibilities of the power that is available to you in our new digital age.  Pretend, for the sake of this exercise, that I’m a published author and outlining my marketing plan for you.

I like this for two reasons:

  • There’s no sticker shock because it’s my pretend money we are talking about.
  • I’ve been selling this stuff for fourteen years.  I’m Google Ad Word Certified and like to think I’ve got a bit of knowledge in Extended Network Behavioral Targeting, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization.  (You don’t need to know the details of all the terms, just that I chase people online with ads based on the websites they visit, the information we have on them and their behaviors.)  If you’ve ever looked at shoes and then seen ads for shoes from the website you’ve visited as well as websites you haven’t, you’ve been behaviorally targeted.

My company owns first party data profiles on 100,000,000 Internet-loving Americans.  These days you can deliver an ad to anyone, wherever they are.  If they are on their Smartphone, laptop, tablet, it doesn’t matter…It doesn’t matter what website they are on…If we know them, we’ll find them, deliver the message and if they ignore it, we’ll re-message the creative again.   (Yep, I get paid to stalk people online, but I try to use my power for good and not evil!)

My parent company owns Condé Nast, which gives us access to niche media.  That means that if someone reads their Vanity Fair, Architectural Digest, Vogue, Bon Appétit, Concierge or Condé Nast Traveler and decides to register online to get the tablet version or answer one of our reader surveys, we know them.  We know how to find this very tablet friendly, predominantly female audience.

I bet you can already see the lovely possibilities!  🙂

 Total Budget:  $3,000  Yes, it is going to hurt.  But, if it’s done right, it will pay for itself.  (Remember, today it is only pretend $!)

The Campaign

Print:  $1000

Buy an ad in Romantic Times.  (RT rules the true romance reader.)  This is targeted marketing at its best.

Digital: $2,000 ($1,000 for the first month, $1,000 for the second month.)

Month One

Product:  Extended Network Behavioral Targeting  (Use Condé Nast Network)

Ad Network Targets:  Condé Nast Network Travel Collection / Female Only / Age: 25-55 / Southern United States, Specifically Georgia, Alabama, Florida and Texas / Portland, Oregon (My hometown!)  This will deliver to people in geographic areas who fit our parameters.

Why the Southern States?  They have the most romance genre readership in the U.S.A.

Why my home town?  Portland, Oregon is a city of readers and also one of the top five destinations for book tours.

Delivery: Multi Position Ads to Mobile Application, Laptop/Desktop, Tablet

Creative Click Thru:  What happens if someone ‘clicks’ on the ad?  They find themselves on the order page URL for my book!

Month Two

Product:  Extended Network Behavioral Targeting  (Use Behavioral Buckets)

Ad Network:  Behavioral “Buckets” = “READERS”/ Female Only / Ages: 25-55 / Southern United States, Specifically Georgia, Alabama, Florida and Texas / Portland, Oregon (My hometown!)

Delivery: Multi Position Ads to Mobile Application, Laptop/Desktop, Tablet

Creative Click Thru:  Order Page URL for my book.

30% of Total Budget Put in Reserve for Re-messaging

Re-Messaging  Two Ways

  1.  Identify the target and deliver the creative to IP address a up to four times in 30 days.
  2.  “Cookie” targets who “Clicks Thru” to Order Page URL for my book and don’t buy doesn’t move forward to the purchase page.  Re-message them based on the “Cookie” aka “Click Tag”.

Let’s hope that someday soon I’ll be able to put this plan into practice!

As always my writer friends, if you’d like a little free advice or have questions based on this post, feel free to contact me.

Sharing this “other side” of my life with you has been a lot of fun!

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  1. Holy Simoleans, Mary! This is remarkable (and enough to send me scurrying for the nearest bolt-hole to curl up in a fetal position when I think about how much I don’t know about marketing!


  2. What Jessie said!

    Plus, I love that you started out with “pretend money” because that made me stay with you all through the post.


    • Yeah, everyone always gets hung up on the money…but I like to think we will all do well enough to be able to afford some shameless promotion!!! At least that is my wish for my Jane Sisters!!!!


  3. Hi Mary — I have had the pleasure of hearing you talk about this excellent idea before. when it’s time for me to be published, I’m coming to you lady!


  4. This was a boo-boo button push, please ignore! This post will publish on March 10th.


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