I Stole The Stud



I don’t make a habit of stealing, but some situations demand action. Luckily, stealing cabs isn’t a felony, and some might argue it’s even a necessity on dark, rainy evenings. Yes, I stole a cab and tipped the driver well. 

My other great theft was a library book. I stole The Stud.

I was thirteen years old and desperately needed, to the very depths of my teenage soul, to read the Jackie Collins novel the librarian refused to let me check out on the grounds I was too young.

Who can really judge appropriate literary fare for young minds anyway? I’m still a little peeved at that librarian, but by not allowing me to check out the book, that only made me want to devour the forbidden pages even more. 

While Ms. Collins isn’t a traditionalist in romance, and love is sometimes relegated to a sub-plot, her heroines always kick ass. And that’s a damn good story to me. She hooked me at a young age and blew open the doors to a whole world of fast-paced fiction and happily-ever-afters.      

To this day, I will forgive her any head-hopping transgression or occasionally cluttered dialogue, because I’m there for her storytelling. Always will be. Jackie Collins is my first-forever-and-always author crush.

As for the library book, I read it that night and snuck it back onto the library shelf a couple days later… after sharing the smuttiest parts with my BFF. Because there’s nothing like what’s forbidden to ignite a spark in young readers –which is safer than snaking a ride out from the person at the front of the taxi line.





About Jamie Brazil

Humor writer, romance novelist, Bloodhound enthusiast.

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  1. And there’s where you learned the value of being your own heroine – going for what you want in spite of the obstacles. When I’m eighty, I want to be your side kick. 🙂 Watch out, world!


  2. Librarians also know how to party… discovered this at a conference. They really are the best!


  3. I don’t think that counts as “theft,” more like “unauthorized lending.” 🙂

    Although, I love knowing that there’s a little bit of criminal in you. 😉


  4. I bet that librarian secretly wanted you to read it and played on your contrariness 🙂 Librarians are the best!


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