Get Lost with Jack or Sawyer?

Remember back to the good ol’days of 2004 with the black smoke and polar bears, long before Michelle Rodriquez and the deconstruction of John Locke, a time when people were glued to their TVs every week to watch a show called Lost. While most people debated about the origins of the island itself, my girlfriends and I argued over who was the #1 man on the show, Jack or Sawyer?

Contender #1- Jack Shepard: He immediately took action, cared for the wounded and his top priority was their survival. In the eyes of the group, he was in charge; a role that he took seriously but also caused him great anxiety. In his heart, he always tried to do the right thing. Women saw a man who would keep them safe. This triggered a genetically bred response, from the days of living in the caves, to latch on to this man because they could survive the winters with him.

Contender #2 – James ‘Sawyer’ Ford: He immediately took action to seize resources and establish his power with fear and intimidation. He was an intense character, with that southern drawl, those crater-deep dimples, and that long blonde hair flowing in the beach wind. His physical appearance was pleasing on the eyes but his character had to go through a major emotional arc to show glimpses of his humanity. But what women were shown, they liked and that triggered a biological desire to play with fire.

In my mind, I imagined that in the weekly writer’s room, there were two people fighting on behalf of Jack and Sawyer about who would get the better storyline that week, the reluctant leader or the reluctant hero.

Both men were Alphas, taking charge of the situation in a way that gave them power but one was the do-good Leader and one was the ultimate Bad Boy. Both characters were brilliantly crafted to push women’s buttons. For a time, both men wanted Kate and the audience was just as torn over who she belonged with.

My hypersensitive caveman biology placed me firmly in Team Jack. Even when Sawyer’s character grew into the type of man who liked to cuddle, I never swayed from Dr. Shephard. Because of this month’s topic, Alpha or Beta, I did a mental check of my previous crushes. I wanted to jet fly off into the sunset with Luke Skywalker over Han Solo. Despite his muscles, I wanted Jean to pick Cyclops over Wolverine. And I would spend eternity with Stefan over Damon. It turns out that I have a type and it will always be the alpha male who has leadership thrust upon him over the bad boy standing in the corner wearing sunglasses in the dark. This man will be the hero of my stories.

So, in honor of the 10th year anniversary of the Lost pilot episode airing, it’s time to lock in your final decision, who would you like to be marooned with on a (not-so) deserted island? Jack or Sawyer?


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  1. I never watched Lost. I know, gasp. It was on when I was in class and I was never motivated enough to DVR it. That said, sunglasses in the dark has never been a turn on for me. I’ll have to pick the reluctant leader. 🙂


  2. Oh, Sawyer for me, every freakin’ time.

    That guy has starred in so many romance novels for me (whenever the hero could remotely be called blond). I’m married to the steady, responsible alpha guy guy who could totally save us all after a plane wreck (Thank you, God), so in my fantasies? I want some Bad Boy.

    I’ve written both, and enjoyed both in many romances. But I always thought Jack was a little boring. The only one who spiced him up was his bad girl romantic interest. And since I quit watching the series in the 2nd season, I’ll never know if she got bored with him too.


  3. I love the rationale behind your tv crushes. I always found Jack sort of smug so was always a Sawyer girl. I don’t always go for the bad boy though. It all depends on the character 🙂


  4. Ooh, the eternal push/pull of the good guy and the bad boy. Choices, choices… Wait, we don’t have to choose! If the writers did a better job (or been into menage) we coulda had BOTH! 😉

    But actually I’m with Jamie. As soon as the polar bear showed up, I didn’t trust those sneaky writers anymore. Never trust a writer!


  5. Neither. Lost interest in the series after the first season. Probably because I can’t swim.


    • That’s a good reason 🙂 Many people stopped watching after the first season because they killed off one of their major characters.


  6. Good Morning Stacy. Glad we are on the same team 🙂 I almost couldn’t believe that it has been 10 years…!


  7. Stacy McKitrick

    Jack, definitely Jack. I’m not into the bad boy all that much, either.

    But damn! 10 YEARS?? I feel sooooo old. 🙂


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