My 5 Stages of Rejection: Or Why the hell did I think I could ever write? by Nikka Michaels

Dearest and Most Constant Readers– Please welcome July’s guest, NIKKA MICHAELS!!! *Muppet flail*

1) Denial:

How can they not love The Book I slaved over for years, lovingly crafting,
revising, and editing? It’s my book baby. How could anyone not like it?

2) Anger Management:

This is total bs. I’ve read worse piles of donkey dung masquerading as books that hit the bestseller list.

3) Bargaining:

“If I’d just edited one more time the agent would have loved my book.”
“If I’d gone to one more conference, passed out one more business cards, entered more contests….”
“If I had a magical pet unicorn who blessed my MS I’d give up chocolate.”
Okay, that last one not so much.

4) Depression:

I’m putting on my eating pants and eating a giant jar of Nutella. You can pry this spoon out of my cold dead hand.
Rejections sucks. I want to cry and wear my snuggie of shame forever.
I’m a failure. Look, I can’t even write this blog post. I flounce myself.
::sighs and tosses MS into a proverbial drawer to be ignored for a week::

5) Acceptance:

Okay. They didn’t like my book.

The important thing to take from rejections? It’s not personal. Just because it wasn’t a fit for this particular publisher or anthology call or agent, doesn’t mean it won’t be accepted anywhere else. After the Nutella and self-loathing haze wear off I know I need to get busy.

After putting my MS aside for a week or so, I pull it out of a drawer and re-read. With time comes distance and objectivity. Every single time I find things I could have done better the first time. Then I take the feedback I was given and use it to nip and tuck my MS and query. I work on it until it shines, and write faster, tighter, harder…um. Yeah. Sorry, you can take the girl out of erotica.

I rewrite, edit, revise.

Then I hit submit then begin working on another project.

I’m a writer. I write.

It sucks to be rejected, but at the end of the day you write. You write and hope you find a good home for your project. Just keep writing.


About Gina Fluharty

Author of paranormal romance. Like chocolate, I like the darker side of love. It's okay, you can hold my hand as I walk you into the heart of darkness in order to show you the light inside. It's time to embrace the beast within.

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  1. Thanks so much for having me, Jessa! It’s an honor. 🙂


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  3. Thanks for posting with us, Nikka! It’s soooo true that nothing lessens the pain of rejection like starting a new project. Well, starting a new project and Nutella 😉


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