I Love Music by C. Morgan Kennedy

Remember mix tapes?

Remember mix tapes?

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I Love Music by C. Morgan Kennedy

Yup – I was that music geek who used to sit around with her friends and dissect hip-hop and pop music to identify all the samples mixed into the song. I’d listen for hours with songs on repeat mode totally stuck in the rhythm section of baseline of my song du jour.

I’ve always had an ear for music. Unfortunately, instruments never came easy to me. I played the flute from second to eleventh grade. I was even in my high school marching band long enough to letter. As for singing, I was forced into being a member of my elementary school choir. To this day I can carry a decent tune, if you give me two buckets and a shovel. Ha!

There is something about a great song that can transport you to a different place or time. Music was my escape from the world….music and books. 😀

Because of my love of music, my personal blog (Morgan’s Mix Tape) is comprised of my thoughts and experiences combined with a theme song and / or music video link for each post. As you can tell by the link, I am not legalistic when it comes to consistently scheduled blog posts. I treat it like an online journal, so I add a new post only when I feel inspired. And, guess what….it is usually a song that provides the inspiration.

For now, my following is small but global. I’ve managed to connect with music lovers all over the world. Of course, I will be posting about my books when they are published. Who knows…some of my music fans may also become my readers.

In honor of today’s post, here’s a link to a Soul Train Dance Line for one of my favorite songs:       I Love Music by Cleveland’s own O’Jays! Enjoy! (Can you find Jody Wately among the dancers? Oh – and if you try some of these moves at home, be sure to keep your cellphone handy in the event of an emergency – ha!)

Let the music be your guide!

About C Morgan Kennedy

Author of futuristic, urban fantasy, contemporary romance, and steampunk. Mecha geek fueled by chocolate and herbal tea. Author marketing maven. Co-founder of www.authormarketing101.com.

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  1. Love that video! After reading Jessa’s comment, I was trying to figure out what the dancers’ names where. None of them came out to anything I could pronounce. 🙂

    I can’t write while listening to music, which makes me super jealous of the writers who can switch their brain from one project to another just by listening to the playlist they made for each one.


  2. Ha, since I have a limited sense of rhythm I WILL NOT be dancing, but do appreciate your soundtrack 🙂


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