So Long and Thanks for All the Fish by C. Morgan Kennedy

Don't Panic.

Don’t Panic! Where is my towel?

It’s September and the theme the Janes are tackling this month is “Back to School – What do you want to learn this year?”

Of course, I have to buck the system.

As I’ve said in more than a few posts – I’m a geek and sci-fi girl. My fellow geeks and sci-fi nuts should immediately recognize my reference to Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. And if you do indeed get the reference, then you’ll know this post is my farewell to See Jane Publish.

Don’t Panic! You’ll be able to find me at my usual haunt – You can also find me covering the diversity desk at Night Owl Reviews in my new column for their e-magazine titled: The Melting Pot.

From the “Moo-Cow Creamer” stories to our posts on handling rejection, it has truly been an honor and a rip-roaring-hoot virtually hanging with my fellow Janes this past year. My wish is that everyone has a bounty of success. Happy Writing! – CMK

About C Morgan Kennedy

Author of futuristic, urban fantasy, contemporary romance, and steampunk. Mecha geek fueled by chocolate and herbal tea. Author marketing maven. Co-founder of

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  1. Hope to see you at a future conference. Will miss blogging with you!


  2. Checked out your new column at Night Owl. Very cool! I hope you’ll have recs for diverse romance too. Good luck with the new venture!


  3. It’s been great writing alongside you and we must make sure our paths cross again soon!


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