48 Hours in Wash D.C. Where should I go?

This month’s theme, Back to School, sends shivers up my spine. I hated the school experience, awkward social anxieties and other various “growing pains”. I would have preferred to spend all four years of college in the library reading from stack to stack, using my beloved dewey decimal system.

Since I have zero intention of ever returning to an actual school, I have to get creative to generate new learning experiences to strengthen my writing. Actually that was just my way of justifying that I like to turn vacations into research field trips (since I’m not published yet, I can’t even get the tax write-offs yet). I ate my way through New Orleans comfort food and then walked off the pounds on the streets of Philadelphia. Every place I go, I get inspired with a sensory rush of new people, places, and things.

Next weekend, my sisters are flying me to Washington DC as a birthday gift. Not only do I get to see wonderful sisters but I get to experience a new brand new place. The catch is that I only have 48 hours to be a nerdy tourist. Where should I go? What should I do? What should I eat?

The top 2 current suggestions are:

Who would like to be my Virtual Tour Guide and add suggestions to my list?


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  1. There’s a lot of great shopping in Georgetown, not to mention some good restaurants, as well. Sequoia, which is on the waterfront, has great views of the Potomac River. Paolo has some truly decadent pastas, and Clyde of Georgetown is an institution. Have fun. I’m jealous!


  2. Two days? That’s tough! I’d say definitely see the Hope Diamond, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the WW II Memorial, and the White House. Have fun!


    • Thanks Melia! I wish I could go see the White House but getting tickets takes time and I didn’t try soon enough. I console myself by saying that It’s my dream to see it during the Holidays so I will just have to return one day 🙂


  3. I was just in Washington DC in spring. I’d only visited one time before, but that was more than 20 years ago and my memory doesn’t recall details from that long ago. I totally agree with what Jessa says. I loved the memorials and my favorite on the mall was the Natural History Museum and the American History Museum (who doesn’t love Dorothy’s red slippers?!).

    My favorite memorial was FDR it was a beautiful garden and also paid tribute to Eleanor, a welcome respite after all the testosterone at the other memorials. 🙂

    If you find just a few more minutes in your trip, or don’t have time to walk all the monuments, I’d go down to the Waterfront in Georgetown. Have a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants facing the Potomac River and then go on a guided boat trip to see a few of the memorials from the water.


  4. You could easily spend the entire 48 hours walking the Mall. Actually, I recommend that! I’d do the Natural History Museum (especially the Hope Diamond & Hall of Geology and the Hall of Paleobiology, which are awesome), the Hirshhorn Museum (art) and the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden, and the American History Museum (at least the Star-Spangled Banner, which was way more interesting than I’d thought it would be). I’d use non-museum hours to see the Washington Monument (no need to actually wait to go up), the White House, and the Lincoln Memorial, and then maybe the Capitol and Jefferson Memorial if you have time. Bring really good shoes; you will be walking far! Are you sure you can only stay two days?


  5. Love your new tag line! Have fun in DC 🙂


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