Fade Out: Jamie Brazil?

Do not make excuses to stay, but reasons to return.” IMG_3403

I’m not sure who the right person is to attribute this brilliant quote to, but I know I’ve loved it for a very long time. Like, for decades. It’s a quote I’ve repeated many times upon parting ways. The good news is I’m not going anywhere anytime soon and I’ll continue to post regularly right here on See Jane Publish.

The bad news, however, centers around publishing and blogging and author discoverability and all the things us Janes have collectively strived for over the past year. It’s brutal out there – and not just for authors, but for all creatives and the industries they fuel. Getting any audience to notice anything is TOUGH.

How bad have things gotten? My husband was reading an entertainment article to me recently that discussed how digital copyright violators in China are now backing off because, among many factors, (paraphrasing here) the value of intellectual property is tanking.

For myself, this has meant stepping away from the fray. No longer actively pursuing a traditional “career” in publishing, letting my Klout score freefall, and reclaiming the hours of my life once lost to the social media, I discovered something else: more time to write.

Time to write without worrying about who my audience will be, how to recoup the financial investment, or where to find reviewers.

It’s a massive shift. One I never would have suspected a year ago while I was busy building a platform. But have I left publishing? Basically, the answer is yes… just not forever. Because I will continue to stay right here and chronicle my journey as a writer… and my eventual return to creative commerce.


About Jamie Brazil

Humor writer, romance novelist, Bloodhound enthusiast.

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  1. It should always be about the joy of writing. I love that you have such a pragmatic approach to finding your way back to that.

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  2. I wondered why you were so quiet lately. There are days I wonder why I put so much effort into be seen. But after being scarce on social media for a couple months to move I noticed my numbers drop. So here I am back trying to remain in the forefront of people’s attention. I hate it, but it is something I think I need to do. I would much rather throw in the media towel and be like the authors of centuries ago and just write and forget about all the business side. I was born centuries too late.


  3. I love this mindset, Jamie. Don’t like the way something’s going? Change it. Can’t change it? Change your view of it. Save your energy to fight for what matters.

    Although I have to admit, the idea that scammers and pirates are having to change their “business” model because there’s not enough profit in scamming and pirating makes me want to snort and/or smack my head on my desk :/


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