Black Friday, Credit Card Debt, and Gratefulness

Is Thanksgiving really Thanksgiving without blockbuster deals, frenzied shoppers storming bog-box retailers, and all the media hoopla that goes with the official start of the Christmas season? Has the American “Black Thursday-Friday” eclipsed the actual meaning of Thanksgiving?

Pretty much, yeah. It has.

But the good news is that my least favorite holiday of the year hasn’t eclipsed gratefulness. If anything, more and more people are finding ways to be grateful on a daily basis. I am.

2014 marked some major changes in my life. For over a decade I have more or less been able to support myself through creative gigs and the occasional census/post office/temp gig. This year, I felt the sting of both inflation and credit card debt and wised up to the fact I needed a job. A real job.

It was a huge corner to turn and I am grateful to have navigated it. Grateful to be earnestly paying down that credit debt every two weeks.

I’m also grateful for the six-plus amazing years spent with a Bloodhound by my Frankie Rose Nov 1side – and often at my feet as I wrote. Frankie was eight and a half. She cascaded quickly. I’m grateful for veterinarian Deborah Rotman who came to our home and eased Frankie out of her pain, allowing her fall asleep one final time. In our arms.

Some things are just more important than a fat Thursday newspaper filled with ads, airport traffic jams, and 4 a.m. live news coverage from malls across the United States.

Sure, consumerism has blasted away every shred of the original meaning of these upcoming holidays (What pilgrims? Jesus who?), but it doesn’t mean we can’t find balance and gratefulness.

Every. Single. Day.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t be grateful for your 60” TV for only $299! Or that I won’t be grateful for my half-price Fred Meyer socks that come with free coffee and free donuts on Friday morning. I just saying there is a lot more to holidays, and LIFE, than shopping.

Happy Thanksgiving. May you find gratefulness every day for the next 365.


About Jamie Brazil

Humor writer, romance novelist, Bloodhound enthusiast.

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  1. I was sorry to hear about Frankie. Thinking of you, I put his fictional “cousin” Ralf “Waldo” Emerson in a short story to remind myself how connected we are to man’s best friend. Hugs! We hope to see you soon.

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  2. Jamie, what a lovely and heartfelt post. So sorry your Frankie had to go, but glad you found each other and could spend the years she had left together.


  3. Oh, Jamie. I’m so sorry about Frankie. My heart aches for you…. Hugs!


  4. I’d heard about the dog. This is a very nice tribute to how much we love our animals.


  5. So glad Frankie but out at least one book of her own, The Buddhist Bloodhound. I’m grateful for friends and fellow writers who provide me with wonderful stories.

    As for shopping, I refuse to shop from Thanksgiving to January 2nd. The stores are too crowded, the environment way to overstimulating for my brain, and too many people become crazy during the holidays. My gifts to people are my books and my hugs. 🙂

    Hugs to you Jamie and to Wahula as well.


  6. So, so sorry about Frankie 😦 No matter how long you have with them, it doesn’t seem long enough. Thank you for reminding me to be grateful for those twice-a-day walks while I have them, even when it’s raining. (((hugs)))


  7. I’m so sorry about Frankie but I’m glad you got so many great years together and this beautiful photo.


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