Winter dreaming


In nature, winter is a slower time. Water freezes, birds hunker down, bears hibernate, Jessa reads…

Or wants to! But like the rest of you, I’m rushed with holiday fervor. So much to do! So few days on the calendar! Us Janes are taking the month to tell some winter tales, to reminisce a bit. In between mad-housing, of course.

Speaking of houses… That’s the winter memory I want to share today. About how one of the bestest Christmas present of all time that my sister and I ever received, back in the day, was a Barbie Dream House.

Yes, it was pink and girly. And I have no doubt my parents still find small plastic pieces of Barbie-ware decades later strewn in odd corners. But, wow, the adventures that were had in that house… Barbie lived there with a few friends including Starr (was that her name — with the glorious brunette curls and floral etched-on underpants?) and Ken and the other Ken who looked exactly the same as the first Ken except not so dashing because the first Ken was a soldier who had lost his leg in battle and kept secrets stashed in the socket. Sometimes the Star Wars jawas invaded the Dream House in their stolen landspeeder and TIE fighter. Wagon trains of Breyers horses stopped there on their way out West, meaning out to the garden. There was a dinner party once, admittedly, but it ended with Malibu Ken (Barbie had a lot of guy friends) getting stabbed with G.I. Joe’s knife. Barbie was armed with her pink hair dryer but it was really a gun. Long story.

That was the point of course: the stories. Between the ones we made up (we had a list of tropes for the Breyers horses; what I would give to find that now…) and the ones I read in the books I loved even then, my childhood was full of stories.

Luckily, my nephew and niece are great readers so I can get them books and gift certificates to book stores for pretty much any occasion. But I wish I knew more about comics and video games and could share those kinds of stories with them. I feel like I have the nerd cred (see 70s toys above and yes I’m psyched for The Force Awakens!) but I don’t have the time, which sort of bums me out. So many winter dreams…

And at least in my memories I’ll have the Dream House.

(I suspect my parents would be happy if I took it in real life too 😉 )

What was one of your extra-awesome childhood gifts? Got any suggestions for good action-adventure video games (though not necessarily bloody — never mind the Barbie dinner parties)? Please share.

If your holidays have been too adventurous already and you need some down-time, I’ve compiled a list of some books on sale here for your reading pleasure. Most of these offers are limited time only.

happy holidays

About Jessa Slade

Jessa Slade is the author of the Marked Souls urban fantasy romance series (NAL Signet Eclipse), the Steel Born paranormal romance series (Harlequin Nocturne Cravings), and award-winning self-published science fiction romance with Hotter on the Edge. You can find her online at all the usual haunts.

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  1. I was a horse crazy little girl who slaved away in a stable for free riding time every day after school. I had a huge selection of toy horses and they went on amazing adventures just about every day before my parents forced me to go to bed. Then of course, I read books like Black Beauty and My Friend Flicka by flashlight under the covers.

    My five-year-old nice asked for a pony and anything horse related for Christmas this year. Her parents blame her horse craziness on her obsession with the dapper horse in Frozen. I’m afraid to tell them that it was probably passed down to her from her aunt. 🙂


  2. My favorite childhood gift was a two foot bride doll. Don’t know where she ended up. We traveled a lot back then, and after awhile that meant traveling light 🙂 But I always dreamed she found her way to a little girl who wrapped small arms around her, told her made up stories, and invited her for tea when the wedding was all done.


  3. Nice list. My favorite memories center around entertainment.


  4. Loved reading about your childhood memories! I also had (still have!) Breyer horses and cowgirls that rode them (don’t know where they are, probably rode off into the sunset with someone when I wasn’t looking). My fav toy/present was a large stuffed tiger which through the years has protected me from monsters, invaders, and those monsters under my bed. Ahem, he’s actually still on duty, but so old that we’ve named him Papa Shiger (you know, for Shy Tiger). Back to winter dreaming – talk later! 🙂 ~ Viola


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