Streamlining 2015

Photos courtesy of Death to the Stock Photo

Photos courtesy of Death to the Stock Photo

In a mad dash search for a lost manuscript yesterday I stared down the closet in my office. It’s daunting. Printers are stacked on paper, stacked on boxes of manuscripts, piled upon books. There are cushions for patio chairs jammed in there along with empty boxes, Christmas decorations, electronics, journals, a 1980s Dolphin phone, and some winter coats I haven’t worn in a while.

That’s when I realized the closet is symbolic of how messy my life has become.

Four years ago I struggled to leap into an online presence, build a brand. I signed up for anything and everything that I thought might give me an edge and help me sell books. What it gave me was clutter. Online and in real life.

My resolution for 2015 is to streamline my cyber-footprint to something much smaller. I’m seeking a new online version of me: everything an author should have in her warchest, but not the labor-intensive have-it-all and be-everything-to everyone campaigns of more successful authors I (unsuccessfully) tried to emulate.

Frankly, I can’t even TRY to be that person anymore because my ambitions and aspirations have changed. So I’ve already begun the great downsizing of 2015.

The Facebook fan page? Gone! Subscriptions to anything I haven’t read in the last six months? Gone. Goodbye Groupon and Instagram. And who has time for Klout anymore anyway? That’s just the start. I’m changing all my passwords, consolidating my multiple email accounts, and paring down my website again.

I want LESS this year. Less clutter, fewer time sucks, and no distractions from the things that are most important to me. But am I cutting myself off from everything I’ve worked to build over four years?


Photos courtesy of Death to the Stock Photo

Photos courtesy of Death to the Stock Photo

I’m making room for new opportunities in 2015. And while I’m at it, I will conquer the office closet by the time summer arrives. I mean, I can live without the extra winter coats, but I will need those buried patio chair cushions by the time the first flowers of spring are in bloom, right?


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  1. Jamie, Yay for you! I went where you’re going last year, and man it felt good. Then I let myself get talked back into a Twitter account, which I barely visit – maybe once a week. I’m thinking that online footprint is one too much. It will disappear again soon 🙂

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  2. And then Antiques Roadshow came along and all that crap we got rid of – worth a fortune. The silly things we kept. $1.95. Thank you America

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  3. Barbara Rae Robinson

    As I look at my very messy desk, I relate completely! Reducing your online footprint is a very good idea. I’d decided to do without a fan page. I’m not expecting a lot of fans. Especially in my start up years as an indie author. I did clean out my office closet last summer, but that’s as far as I got. It has shelves for supplies and equipment. Still plenty of organizing left to do. And systems to put in place. But first, I have to finish getting book one ready to upload. Soon. Soon.


  4. Great post Jamie. It’s amazing how things that were shouted to us as must haves are now obsolete. The ever changing times. Good for you to get rid of the clutter!


  5. I so relate to this Jamie! I’m one of those people who can’t write if my office is messy and that includes the office closet, even if the doors are closed. I recently cleaned out a bunch of outdated electronics that had accumulated in my office closet. CRT monitors take up a lot of space!

    Downsizing your online footprint to something that is manageable and not stressful sounds like a fantastic idea. In the end, it’s the books that count, not how much you talk about them online. 🙂


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