28 Days of Real Life Romance

Photo via Death to the Stock Photo

Photo via Death to the Stock Photo

TRUE STORY: In 2008, *Martina lost her home to foreclosure. Forced to downsize to a tiny one-bedroom apartment, she sold off her lifetime collection of antiques and vintage what-nots in a series of garage sales. Every time she parted with one of her treasures, her heart broke a little more, and she felt like she was losing more than just her house. She was saying goodbye to all the joyful years she’d spent collecting and decorating.

Each piece had a memory and a meaning. Yet weekend after weekend there was this (annoying) guy who kept returning to her sales. He bought truckloads of her prized possessions. At bargain prices.

A year later, shopping in an antique mall, she stumbled across a booth filled with all her cherished treasures… and the guy who bought them. Peeved at the sky-high prices he was asking, she told him that, at the very least, he owed her dinner.

Image via Death to the Stock Photo

Image via Death to the Stock Photo

One year later they married! Not only did she find the love of her life, but she decorated her new home with almost all of her original collection!

If you’re like us, you love a good love story. Whether it’s a how-we-met or a blissful glimpse of a romantic gesture, we’re all suckers for romance – especially those non-traditional happily-ever-afters like the one above.

So in the spirit of St. Valentine, See Jane Publish will be celebrating real-life romance all month long with true stories of love.

See you here tomorrow!


The Janes

*name changed for privacy


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  1. Love this story! It should definitely be made into a novel. 🙂


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