Soul Mates by Betty Booher

Note from Jessa: Betty was my critique partner back in my pre-published days, so she knows all the joys and sorrows of romance writing. Plus she makes music, with an emphasis on the joy side. Now she shares some of that with us today. Thanks for being with us, Betty!

We’ve all read about them, maybe even featured them in our books, but are they real, or just figments of our vivid imaginations, especially when our current spouse/partner/lover has just left their wet towels on the bed for the 14,000th time?

“Oh, if only my Soul Mate would swoop in and carry me away…” we half mutter, half sigh as we drag towels and comforter to the dryer. “If only…”

Not that we don’t love our current partners and have no intention of hunting for a mysterious stranger, but sometimes those wistful words just pop into our brains unbidden. (This might have something to do with reading all those romance novels…just sayin’..)

I thought my husband of 25 years would be my only Soul Mate. We’d met at nineteen, spent our whole adult lives together. After he died, I had no expectation of dating again, let along finding the second love of my life. But through a serendipitous chain of events that included hanging out like a groupie at funky music venues, I’ve found someone who gets parts of me my husband never did. It’s not perfect…but it’s fabulous, even if he doesn’t like the Beatles (I know—I must have left it off the checklist!)

Would it have worked if we’d met at nineteen? Maybe. Probably not. No point in wasting time wondering about it.

Your Soul Mate may be by your side right now, camouflaged by the wet towels, toilet seat left up, and empty milk carton left in the fridge. Trust me, those annoyances mean nothing. Spend your Valentine’s Day remembering all the things you love about each other, the connections that brought you together in the first place and the ones you’ve built since then.

We’ll be celebrating our first Valentine’s Day together in some funky music venue, singing duets and playing old jazz tunes. I can’t think of a more romantic way to spend the holiday with my new Soul Mate.

Now for a bit of shameless self promotion. Stop by our Facebook page, Bellows & Squawk, listen to a few tunes on YouTube, or better yet, stop by the Jade Lounge on Feb. 23rd at 7 pm to see our show live. (It’s way more fun than YouTube!)

B&S #2

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  1. Beautiful post! Thank you for guest blogging at See Jane Publish with your awesome story that one can find love again!


  2. You never know what life will bring, I always say. How wonderful that you have two great loves in your lifetime! You make amazing music together!


  3. I love this post, Betty. I’m looking forward to hearing you play soon.


  4. I love that you recognize who we are in later life would never have worked when we were young. Dan once said to me that he wished he’d met me 10 years earlier and I smiled serenely while secretly thinking. “Oh, thank God, he didn’t.”


  5. I love this sentence: “It’s not perfect…but it’s fabulous.” It sums up successful relationships in the real world so well. I wish both of you a very happy first Valentine!


  6. I am truly happy for you! I personally believe that the love we look for later in life is very different from the love we look for and find early in life. What I wanted in my 20’s is different than what I want in a relationship in my 50’s or 60’s. Many of the core values are the same, but the expectations are quite different.

    You two look so cute together and I am now off to your FB page and YouTube to catch up. Yippee!!!


  7. Betty, how wonderful!!! Hope this upcoming Valentine’s Day is extra special for you.


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