A Second Chance at Love

castle-jim-maggie2My husband and I had both been married before, he for 15 years and me for 12. Consequently, neither of us were anxious to dash quickly into a relationship, and we lived 300 miles apart when we met.

Within a month of  exchanging several emails every week,  I had shared more of my past, my dreams and passions, and what I saw as my future than I had in 12 years of my previous marriage.

You know there IS something freeing about not looking at a person when sharing those kinds of thoughts for the first time. There is also a feeling of safety because either one of us could have quietly slipped away without all the messiness of actually seeing each other and formally breaking up.

Our first date included me camping in a state park near his home and him meeting me for day hiking and, of course, the all-important first kiss. It was right after we stopped along a stream for lunch. He was very smooth and the kiss was a doozy—including that feeling of dizzy giddiness.

The next four to five dates happened over several months.  I was working full time at a university for 50+ hours per week. He was a writer and editor for Time Life Books. Our dates were a weekend commitment. We would trade off driving the distance. He to my house for one weekend, and then me to his.

When did I know he was the one? Probably by the third date. Three months after that first date we took a vacation together…. one that  included a family reunion. A test, of sorts. He passed with flying colors! It was after that vacation we decided we would marry.

Because we both have Scottish and Irish in our ancestry, we chose to get married in a castle in Dunoon. As of this post, we are coming up on our 15th anniversary in May.HEA_heart_blue

I’ve challenged him to make it to our 50th anniversary. We would both be over 100 years old by then, but I think it’s possible. Most importantly, I know we will grow old together and cherish every moment we have.

*            *              *


Maggie Lynch has never missed a chance to learn something new. With degrees in psychology, counseling, computer science, and education she has had opportunities that have taken her around the world, including Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. Her current publishing credits include five non-fiction books, a number of science fiction short stories, and seven novels.

Now able to spend full time journeying into her imagination, Maggie writes romance and science fiction under the name Maggie Jaimeson, and young adult fantasy under the name Maggie Faire. Her non-fiction is written under Maggie McVay Lynch.


About Jamie Brazil

Humor writer, romance novelist, Bloodhound enthusiast.

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  1. Oh wow! I didn’t know you got married in a castle! That is so cool. Why did you pick Dunoon?

    Thank you for guest blogging on See Jane Publish and sharing your story with us. It’s always nice to see your thoughtful responses. I’m glad we got a peak into your Happily Ever After….


  2. Maggie, it was great seeing you today. Let get together again soon!


  3. Thanks, Asa. I’ve always been waiting for the right story to come to mine where the hero and heroine get married at a castle. I have the picture. 🙂 I may be able to work it into book 4 of my Sweetwater Canyon series. We will see.


  4. I love your wedding picture, Maggie. The castle in the background makes it fantastic!


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