For The Love Of…True Love


I’m going to start at the beginning because, well, that’s where love starts, right? I met Mr. L before I was even out of high school. My family and I were new to town. My mom wanted us to make new friends so she took us to this gathering called, The Jesus Movement, which later became Maranatha, then much later settled into traditional churches. A young man stepped out of this huge red barn, and oh boy, laying eyes on him was like coming home. No fireworks like you’d expect or we read about in novels, but simply a warmth that settled permanently in my chest. A year later we were married.

Fast forward, oh about thirty-something years. Being in love isn’t always easy. And it’s really not about the presents you get on Valentines. Love’s best parts are the moments you share. But, it’s Valentine’s Day, a rare, beautiful February day in the Northwest. Mr. L and I are taking a ride (one of my favorite things to do). We’re meeting a guy about a truck – not an unusual activity for Mr. L. I’d been driving a rental F150 while my car was in the shop and had mentioned how much I loved it, but wanted something smaller (I have a reputation in the family for being a bit of a hazard in a larger vehicle I can’t see around). So Mr. L was shopping around. I’d seen a picture…was skeptical. A white Ford Sport Trac drives into the parking lot where we’re waiting, and I knew. Immediately. Mr. L had found the perfect Valentine’s gift. This was the truck for me. I named her Annabelle.

My Valentine’s gift that year wasn’t just Annabelle. It was knowing the heart of a man, all those years later, even when our engine sometimes needed work, that his heart understood mine. The man couldn’t move mountains, but he was still the one who’d settled so gently into my life and stayed there.

Susan Lute – one of the original Janes – is an award-winning traditional and Indie published author of Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction, and Paranormal Romance. An ardent student of human nature, who loves ancient history, myth, and dragons, she doesn’t remember thinking … someday I’ll grow up to be a writer. You can find her at, Pinterest, Facebook, and Goodreads. She is giving away three copies of The Return Of Benjamin Quincy. Leave a comment and sign up for her newsletter to be put into a drawing to win. Watch for her next release, coming in February 2015, A Fool For Love.


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  1. Thank you Su for coming back to See Jane Publish with this great guest blog post. I think cars are playing a big role in your creative writing process too because I just saw the cover of your new novel and since there is a car in the image, I’m thinking this car will play an important role in your heroine’s love life as well. Or maybe I’m just stretching… 😄


  2. Su, I’m so sorry about the mix up with dates. I thought the reschedule had already taken place.


  3. Now that is so sweet that he knew what you needed and was able to deliver. I also like your last line because it is so true for marriages that last: “The man couldn’t move mountains, but he was still the one who’d settled so gently into my life and stayed there.”


  4. Amazing story, and am so glad you shared with us!


    • Hi Fiola … because of our jobs, we don’t have many days off together, but today we do. Looking forward to that. Yesterday he gave me a live plant for Valentines. I gave him a chocolate truck. I think I’ll keep him, lol.


  5. Great story! So often people think that a story-book ending is the only one to have, and if you don’t get it, there is something wrong with the marriage. Not so. If there were no imperfect moments, then how could you recognize the perfect ones?


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