A Romantic Tail (Cassiel Knight)

Note from Jessie: Cassiel Knight is one of the original “Janes” coming back to share her wonderful engagement story with us. As a sneak preview, I’m not surprised that this tale (pun intended) involves a dog because canine companions are central to her life and one of the many reasons we are such good friends.

Most women, I think, want a romantic proposal story. I feel fortunate I that, for this romantic month, I have one to share.

Steve and I had been dating for almost a year but were friends before that so we had some time in together. In fact, at that time, we were living together pretty much meaning I had a room in the dormitories on base at Hickam Air Force base in Hawaii but I wasn’t staying there. Marriage had sort of come up, I remember it did but don’t remember specifics. In April of 1990, my birthday month, we were just doing our thing and decided to go out to dinner and take a walk on the beach near sunset. Not a bad way to spend the birthday day. Don’t ask me what I ate or where; can’t remember. But I remember the beach.

We pulled into one of the many little sites along the coast and headed to the shore. Not too long into our walk, we were so caught up in each other, talking and laughing, we didn’t notice a sneaker wave until it came up and smacked us both from feet to knees.

It was a tiny bit chilly so Steven said he had a blanket in his car so off he ran. Once he got the blanket, we sat, dried-off, talked and gazed out at the water.

Shortly after sitting, a dog (a lab or retriever-type) and owner approached from my left. It ran up to me at the blanket and…promptly peed on the blanket nearly on top of me. Steve was not happy.

So two things had happened: getting smacked with a wave then a dog peed on the blanket.

I was fine; it really set the tone for our relationship and marriage—if it’s odd, it happened to us. But of course, since he had something else planned for that time, being wet and peed on was not on this list of romance and he was kind of stressed.

Still after we shooed dog and moved to dry side of blanket, Steven turned to me and casually said something along the lines of “what’s your birthstone again? Peridot, right?”

I remember laughing and saying no then he pulls his hand out of his pocket and says, “Well, maybe this will do” and handed me the ring. Not in a box that I can recall. Just the ring.

I think I looked at it, him, then it again then throwing my arms around him, hugging and crying. He pulled away and said, “Does this mean yes?”

For the next 23 years, he liked to tell people how he never proposed to me; he merely gave me a birthstone ring and I took it from there.

While the story was fabulous, it was the years that followed when he’d give me that special look and tell his “side” that made my engagement story so romantic and special.Cassiel Knight Author Picture

About the Author: Multi-published author Cassiel Knight takes paranormal romance to new heights and in new directions by infusing her stories with strong heroines, noble heroes, sharp-edged plots and exquisite detail. Fascinated by the lore of mythology and ancient civilizations, she creates fantastical worlds that span multiple dimensions and cut across past, present and future. Her stories feature fallen angels and demons, contemporary men and women, and futuristic secret agents. A perpetual student of history, Cassiel devotes significant time and energy to researching and studying archaeology, folklore and legends. Her ability to seamlessly blend fact and fiction produces stories that pull readers in from the very first page. Cassiel’s books are available from Samhain Publishing, Lyrical Press and Champagne Book Group. For more information, visit www.CassielKnight.com. Follow her on Facebook (CassielK) and Twitter (@CassielKnight).


About Jessie Smith

Health Care Worker by Day, Aspiring Author by Night and 24/7 Staff for Riley (Corgie/Tibetan Spaniel Mix)

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  1. Hawaii…awe…nice!


  2. Just think, if not for the sneaker wave and the dog pee it would have been a boring story. And we all like a good story!


  3. Hi Jessie! Thanks for having me here! It was fun to remember the story of over 23 years ago. Hard to believe it was that long ago. 🙂


  4. What a funny story. Sneaker wave and dog pee does not not sound romantic, and yet… By the way, I assume the birthstone was the correct one.


  5. Thank you for coming back to SJP to share your story with us!


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