A picture is worth…

I’m a day(ish) late with my post this month. But I have an excellent excuse. July at See Jane Publish is photography month, and I was out taking awesome pictures.

I mean, maybe the photos themselves aren’t awesome, but I had an awesome time TAKING them. For the Fourth of July weekend, I had family in town and we met for feasting and fireworks and fun. Temperatures have been unusually high here, so my mom and Monster Girl I headed for the hills. We hiked in the mountains, splashed in the river, and I filled up my 2G mem card. Oops. I won’t bore you with all of them, but here are a few of the highlights along with a few sorta photography/life tips from a half-assed amateur button pusher.

Tip #1: Choose a perspective

Jessa Slade hiking with dog SW Washignton 
Jessa Slade hiking with dog SW Washignton

We here at SJP love our dogs. Here I have the same dog, same lake, different thoughts. It can be interesting to shift the lens from “big picture” to “little picture” and see what’s to be seen through that new eye. It helps, of course, that in the second image, Monster Girl is swimmed out and ready to pose a little.

Tip #2: Learn from the masters

Jessa Slade bw newt

I’m no Ansel Adams. No large print silver gelatin for me. But his art and conservationism are inspirational. He recalls upon his first visit to Yosemite “there was light everywhere…” That’s a beautiful way to see photography, art, and life: light everywhere. Adams preached previsualization — working out how a shot would appear before clicking the button. In my stumbling way, I try to do that with my writing by plotting and prewriting. To varying success, much like my photography. 😀 But I liked this little newt floating under the trees.

Tip #3: Make the most of the mood

Jessa Slade mountain SW Washington photography

Jessa Slade Mt St Helens

Like Adams said, light is everywhere. But somehow for me, the light is usually shining right into my eyes when I’m trying to take my shot. Oh well. If I can’t get the unobstructed, light-drenched front of Mount Adams, I’ll take the moody, mysterious backlit misty Mount St. Helens. Maybe by the time I hike back, the light will be better.

Tip #4: Take the shot

Jessa Slade waterfall hike

Sometimes I get weird about taking boring pictures. I mean, how many waterfall pictures does the world need? But I had a photography professor who said he expected to take one good shot for every hundred clicks. And this was in the days of film! So if I take a bad picture, I remind myself I have 98 more to go before I get to the good one. Plus, even the most boring waterfall picture is still a pretty picture at the halfway point of a good hike.

Tip #5: Look out from the lens

In the end, even if I don’t get the shot, I still get the memories. So I make sure to put down my clicker toys sometimes and just live.

If you have tips for taking good pictures, please share in comments. I’m always looking to sharpen my skills. And my focus. 🙂

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About Jessa Slade

Jessa Slade is the author of the Marked Souls urban fantasy romance series (NAL Signet Eclipse), the Steel Born paranormal romance series (Harlequin Nocturne Cravings), and award-winning self-published science fiction romance with Hotter on the Edge. You can find her online at all the usual haunts.

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  1. Tip #6 Brings lots of treats.
    Even if you can’t get a great photo, your dog will love you 🙂


  2. Tip #6: Keep dog slobber on lens to a minimum.
    Love your photos and Monster Girl, Jessa. And yes the word needs more waterfall pictures.


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