A Virtuous Vacation

Maybe this isn’t really a blog post this month, perhaps it’s a cry for help. I’ve been on a streak of virtuous endeavors lately. A mission of accomplishment. It began in May.

Off work and happily under-employed, these last few months of glorious weather and zero scheduled hours ignited a fire within me. I desperately wanted ORDER in my life. CONTROL, too. The past year has been a rollercoaster of family medical dramas, an emotional black hole, and rafts of uncertainty.

So when I looked deep inside and asked myself what would make me truly happy, an image of folded socks came to mind. And I took action. And I didn’t stop.

Personal Greatest Hits List Summer of 2015:

Painted house


Sold second car

Sold riding lawnmower

Freed up vast amount of space in garage

Donated carloads of stuff to charity

EMPTIED the office closet (I now own about two dozen books — total!!!)

I lost ten pounds

Recycled six boxes of papers

Turned bedroom closet into a shrine of orderliness, replete with folded socks and underwear

Yet all these good works have left me feeling a little unhinged by the experience. Perhaps too organized? All I know is that I’m ready to be BAD. Like Cheetos-Gin-and-Series-TV-Binge bad 🙂 I need a vacation from all this virtuousness. SOON… before my husband figures out I alphabetized his entire DVD collection.


About Jamie Brazil

Humor writer, romance novelist, Bloodhound enthusiast.

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  1. You were so much more productive than me when I was under-employed. I have no list. Keeping yourself busy is a GREAT thing!

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  2. Way too virtuous! You put a smile on my face with this post.


  3. The OCD in me is sooooo envious of everything you accomplished! Back in 2002, my husband and I took a year off to go traveling. We put our absolute treasured possessions in storage and sold/gave away the rest. It was such a rewarding experience to get rid of that much clutter. Of course, now we have acquired just as much stuff as we got rid of, if not more. 🙂

    Am looking forward to your post about your BAD phase and all the fun you’ll be up to next. 😉


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