Reflection and the Smudgy Spot on my Windshield

windshield smudgeThere’s a smudgy spot on my windshield. It’s where my rear view mirror attached to the glass until the mirror fell off. All by itself. I blame the recent freezing temps, or maybe the glue just got old. In any case, the mirror dropped to the floor of my car, where it remains.

I haven’t seen what’s behind me since.

Sure, December can be a time of reflection for many. Just not me. Sans rear view, I’ve been peering forward, into the future, every day. Or at least every time I get behind the wheel. Which brings me to the theme of this month’s SEE JANE posts: The Artist’s Date.

Collectively, we blame Julia Cameron (and her eternal tome The Artist’s Way) for this error in judgment. What were we thinking when we chose to crowbar a few precious hours of time for ourselves to REFILL OUR ARTIST WELLS. I mean, who has time?

The point is to make the time. This past Sunday I strolled the Portland Art Museum and gazed upon artistic endeavors spanning hundreds of years. Can outside art inspire inner creativity? YES. Here are my glimpses of inspiration:

  1. The art we’re most drawn to reveals much about us. Which is why I love modern art for its ability to surprise me. Hello 4th floor!PAM
  2. On the other hand, my favorite painting is action-packed,16th Century and loaded with dogs and spirituality. Gotta love the hounds. I could lose myself in that piece for hours.
  3. Unfortunately, the PAM keeps moving The Conversion of St. Hubert around so I need to hunt it down with every visit. Fitting for the subject matter.
  4. vesuviusI really don’t dislike landscapes (Seeing Nature special exhibition) as much as I thought I did. The volcanoes (including Vesuvius above)were most enjoyable.
  5. And the rain…rain
  6. Which brings me back to the element of surprise. Surprise is what keeps us engaged in life, in art, in each other. Without that one simple element, there would be no joie de vivre, no inspiration, no action to draw upon for the next cycle of creativity.
  7. What is this? Reflection? As I remain future-focused wondering what comes next, my rear view mirror still tumbles around on the floor as I accelerate to 2016. Full speed ahead! But in the meantime, please pass along your super glue recommendations.

About Jamie Brazil

Humor writer, romance novelist, Bloodhound enthusiast.

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