Spring Cleaning: Sock Love


When was the last time you thanked your socks? Yes, your socks. The stretchy knit cocoons that slide over your feet, absorb sweat, keep your tootsies free of blisters and your toes toasty warm. Have you appreciated them lately? Complimented them on their hard-working and humble status as a wardrobe staple?

Okay, I haven’t thanked my socks either, however, I read a book recently that suggested I might just start praising them. “Hello, socks. I read this book called

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing,

 and author Mari Kondo says I should thank you.” Sounds a little kooky, right?51H8x07Fd7L._SX351_BO1,204,203,200_

Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. Since our March posts are all about Spring Cleaning I thought this might be a good time to indulge in a little organization and purging. Starting with my always-a-mess sock drawer. Despite having many, many pairs of socks, I rarely find what I’m looking for EXCEPT for the standard sporty white ankle socks I buy in bulk. Apparently I’m doing things all wrong in the socks department. Beginning with folding.

I don’t.

I’m a stretched-edge ball-style sock storer. This might account for my not being able to find any socks I want to wear besides the aforementioned white ones. Dress socks? They’re in their somewhere…

Or the dreaded alternate “Christmas socks”, a bespoke grey with tiny snowmen. Almost passable for office wear unless I’m in a meeting, I brush my leg against the table, and “Let it Snow” rings out. In July.

If you take any nugget of wisdom away from this blog post, it should be “Beware the Musical Sock.” I digress.

Ideally, according to Mari K, socks should never be stretched! Think gently folded, rested in an upright position, supported by the other socks I’ve also taken the time to thank for their hard work.

Oh, and color coded.

This is where she lost me. And despite a great start of the sock drawer, I got sidetracked and someone else (my bloodhound) found the socks. He’s a fan! A very big fan of socks and expresses his gratitude for my socks in the form of slobber. That counts, right? dogsox2

About Jamie Brazil

Humor writer, romance novelist, Bloodhound enthusiast.

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  1. Does he have a preference between clean vs. smelly socks? 🙂


  2. I dunno if lavender is quite his color. I think he needs to try them all. 😉


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