Kickass Heroines Deserve a Cover Feature

We’re celebrating strong women here on See Jane Publish this month in honor of May being the month of Mother’s Day. I was privileged enough to have a very strong woman raise me, and have been mothered and mentored by other amazing women since then.

Because of those amazing role models, I’m drawn to kickass heroines in books I read and books I write. When I start a story, the female characters speak to me first. Sure, I love a sexy strong hero as much as any romance reader—but if I can’t relate or admire the heroine I stop reading. Romance reader questionnaires and sales figures show that most readers pay more attention to the hero of the novel. Books with males on the cover usually sell better (the exception is historical covers where it is all about the gorgeous gown). So, when I received the cover for the second book of my Viking Warriors series I was surprised and amazed and grateful to see that my publisher decided to put a woman on the cover.

I had a chance to chat with Sourcebook’s cover production manager Dawn Anderson at the RT conference in April and asked her about her cover model choice. Her reply was that because immortal Viking king Leif so rocked the cover of the first book, she needed someone who could hold their own against Leif. Enter Astrid, the Viking warrior Valkyrie who is the heroine of the second book.

I love, love, love this cover. It has elements of every fantasy and science fiction book I loved as a young reader. I devoured those books because when I grew up, those were the only genres where girls got to go on their own adventures and didn’t just trail behind the boys.

Here’s Astrid, the VIKING WARRIOR REBEL!   The book is available on October 4, but can be pre-ordered now from these online retailers:




About Asa Maria Bradley

2016 Double RITA finalist, romance author, news junkie, physics instructor, and diver. Loves Norse mythology, ranch dressing, and cop shows. Lives with husband and rescue dog of indeterminate breed in Pacific Northwest. Represented by Sarah E. Younger of the Nancy Yost Literary Agency. Writers about sexy modern-day Vikings. More at and @AsaMariaBradley.

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  1. Yep, I love a sexy romance hero as much as anybody, but if the heroine isn’t strong-or clearly willing to learn to become strong over the course of the story-I lose interest really quickly. Beautiful cover 🙂


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