Everyone Has A Story—Even If It’s Just Their Own

[Note from Jessa: In continuation of our new-release theme, I’m excited to share a new project from author and inspiring lady Susan Lute. Years ago, she convinced me to try vision boarding when brainstorming a book. I was sooo reluctant because it seemed like “wasted” time. To my surprise, I loved it! And I hope you’ll love this new book from her. Although I will fight her on her ranking of Firefly…]

Hello, See Jane Publish. Thanks for letting me take over your blog 🙂

I’m going to let you in on a secret. I have a new obsession. Not chocolate, though on any given day, that easily hits the top of the list. A good cup of coffee? My new favorite is Don Francisco’s Kona blend, but that’s not what has my fingers doing a crazy dance across the keyboard.

It’s a given I’m a huge geek over Star Wars, Firefly, Star Trek (probably in that order), but it turns out I’m also a little obsessed with how-to webinars on anything related to publishing books. And because everyone has a story, that obsession has flung me on a new adventure outside of writing my usual contemporary romances.

Life isn’t about the destination. It’s about the journey.

As a kid raised in a military family, it’s no surprise all my novels are about the journey home.

Drum roll, please… My newest release… Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Yourself (A Summer Journal) is the first of four journals. Your story starts here in these keepsake books.


Amazon | BN | SusanLute.com


About Susan: You can take a girl away from her home, but you can’t erase the search for home from that girl’s heart. Like all children of military families, Susan Lute spent her childhood moving from one duty station to the next. Today she works as a Registered Nurse and writes whenever she can. When not writing, her favorite Zen moments are spending time with family, gardening, traveling, and remodeling the house she now calls home.



About Jessa Slade

Jessa Slade is the author of the Marked Souls urban fantasy romance series (NAL Signet Eclipse), the Steel Born paranormal romance series (Harlequin Nocturne Cravings), and award-winning self-published science fiction romance with Hotter on the Edge. You can find her online at all the usual haunts.

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