Happy Holidays from Past, Present, and Future Janes

Being a “Jane” at See Jane Publish means that someone wanted to share their experiences about being a creative human being during a specific moment in their lives and careers. The torch was passed to me by four amazing women and I have stayed here as we rose to eight and returned to four. I thank every Jane for enriching See Jane Publish with their insights.

2017 is just around the corner. We have great plans and there are stories left to tell at See Jane Publish. Until then, all the Janes want to wish you Happy Holidays!

Photo Caption: Upper Left: Jessie with Riley, Jessa with Monster Girl, Jamie with her beast :-). Bottom Left: Thank you for the return visit by former Janes, Darla Luke and C Morgan Kennedy.



About Jessie Smith

Health Care Worker by Day, Aspiring Author by Night and 24/7 Staff for Riley (Corgie/Tibetan Spaniel Mix)

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful post today, Jessie! Look forward to more adventures with you in 2017.

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