I’m Saluting Hermione Granger. Want to join me?

Encouraging literacy is my passion. My childhood memories are full of reading exciting adventures that filled my imagination. I want to pass along those joyful feelings to the next generation. Thus, I was thrilled to be organizing my local writing chapter’s charitable collection drive of new children’s books.

Armed with generous donations from my writing buddies, I went shopping at a local book sale. What I found was puzzling. The books geared towards boys were all about saving the world (Thank you Star Wars) and the book covers for young ladies gave the impression that their tiaras were so shining and what fun things one could fit into a purse. When I finally came across a book called Almost Astronauts: 13 Women Who Dared to Dream I bought every single copy.

With an overwhelming feeling of wanting to do more, I remembered an inspiring youtube video of Emma Watson anonymously donating copies of Maya Angelou’s book Mom & Me & Mom. Realizing that I too could spread literacy and I could invite my writing community to join me gave me the idea to start this blog series. During the month of Jan, people will donate copies of a book of their heart to their location of choice and share their experiences here.

For me, I selected the Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games. Obviously it’s an entertaining story with an amazing heroine but I really selected this book because what would this world be like if girls aspired to be more like Hermione Granger and Katniss Everdeen? With that hope in mind, I distributed copies to bus stops in the Portland Metropolitan area.


Every guest blogger has their own personal reason for wanting to spread literacy to their community. Some want to replicate Emma Watson’s activism with their own children. Some want to do it as expression of how they are feeling about the world right now. Some just want to share books. Whatever your reason, you are welcome here.

  • Watch the youtube video.
  • Think about the world and how you can make it a better place.
  • Decide if you want to join me in Saluting Hermione Granger.

Placing this call to adventure to find your inner Hermione Granger feels like I’m tossing a leaf into the wind. I’m not sure how many people will join me but I have never been more grateful for the ones that have already said that they are getting books and are ready to go.


About Jessie Smith

Health Care Worker by Day, Aspiring Author by Night and 24/7 Staff for Riley (Corgie/Tibetan Spaniel Mix)

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