Finding My Funny Bone

flamingophotoYesterday I threw out my January 2017 poster board of goals. In a quest to Marie-Kondo-ize that closet you see there behind me — the closet that up until yesterday held a mash up of both literary and garage sale sins — I figured out that I lost my sense of humor.

Yeah, it’s been a tough go of things this year.

My sense of humor was NOT in the closet. It is somewhere, but it was not in the closet.

In the meantime, I heaped piles in the middle of my office floor and edited. Brutally.  Boxed papers for shredding. Stacked a four-foot-high tower of stuff near the front door to be re-homed. There are wicker baskets (why do I own a large collections of wicker baskets?) , hangers, clothes that don’t fit me, things I’ll never get around to selling, books (lots of books) and the ramblings of half-finished projects. Oh, and at the aforementioned garage sales, I’ve found REALLY USEFUL things like light-up animatronic flamingos.

Hmmm. The center of the floor was still a mess.

Disheartened by the chaos I bailed and went to a movie (Wonder Woman… brilliant… though the stabs of humor in the script felt forced).

Mentally restored, I returned home and tackled the last of the pile, finishing my task around 9pm. Exhausted, with an aching elbow that I don’t know how I injured, and still humorless.

What I do know is that I need a fresh start. For writing, for excavating even deeper than an office closet, and for laughter that comes from the belly.












About Jamie Brazil

Humor writer, romance novelist, Bloodhound enthusiast.

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  1. Hey Jamie. Vanessa Collins here. Hoping to see an updated blog soon!


  2. You may be right on the money there Maggie 🙂


  3. I admit I’m giggling here. I don’t follow all your posts all the time. However, the last one I remember also had to do with you and your closet. I think there is a special relationship there. It’s like the place where all sins go and you need to know they are there jus tin case you need to drag out a sin and have fun. 🙂

    Or is the other way around, that you stuff all your dreams in there and once or twice a year, you clear them out for new ones? In any case, happy cleaning, burning, remembering, forgetting. The solution may be not to have a closet at all.

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