Compassion is a Bitch

0fd5dd1e246d6c7e6cca2ce7b2859c72-wildlife-paintings-bird-paintingsBlack Bear came to a meeting late and said, “I’m feeling frazzled after dealing with my cubs. What if I don’t feel compassionate?”

Raven said, “Fake it.”

That doesn’t seem honest,” said Black Bear.

It doesn’t begin with honesty,” said Raven.

~Zen Master Raven Stories by Robert Aitken Roshi

Here we are, a new year, yet again. Most of us are in familiar resolution territory: fitness, nutrition, save money, and write that book. I’ve given a lot of thought to Raven’s advice above. Fake it. For much of the past year I’ve struggled with compassion — especially relating to one person in my life.

In pursuit of compassion I’ve seen a counselor, an acupuncturist, and a yogi on a regular basis. They all help, to some extent — the balance of yoga building physical and spiritual muscles. Yet it wasn’t until October 2nd in Ann Arbor, Michigan when a stop for gas turned into one of those before and after moments. A man committed suicide, jumping off a roof of a parking garage. His lifeless body less than 100 feet from the gas pump.

I realized then my compassion was still present. Just buried under many many… MANY… layers of anger.

So here I am on the cusp of a new year. Much of the same old same old. I resolve to be healthy, slim, solvent and prolific. Less angry. More compassionate, too. Eventually. For me, compassion is still a bitch, contended with on a daily basis. My greatest challenge.

In the meantime, maybe we can all benefit from Raven’s advice and fake what we really really want until it becomes our truth.


About Jamie Brazil

Humor writer, romance novelist, Bloodhound enthusiast.

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  1. Thank you for sharing with me. We talked yesterday that my goal is to be more charitable and what a challenge it will be in 2018


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