Emojis, the Soul and Genetic Memory

Emojis are like the soul – our essence without context reduced to pure impression.

Wahula Gonzo

I think we each have a soul. When we die, our brain, our memory, all that is gone. What’s left is an energy that has been influenced by our living experiences, but doesn’t remember any of it. The soul is like a compendium of emojis evoking emotions that are now lost, yet there is a retained glow, an echo, an effect of their existence.

Pretty heavy.

Emojis are also fun. My tween nieces just got their own cell phone to share. I’m their favorite text-buddy.

Which brings us to emojis. The older niece is very literal and loves to write exactly what she wants to communicate, though she will sign off with a few special emojis. The younger is a free spirit still running on magic fairy dust and would prefer to communicate with the world exclusively through emojis. Which made me ask, “What is an emoji?” Not just a smiley face. Deeper. Way deep. Like, are emojis in our genetic memory deep?

If man has been around for centuries, what about emojis?

I know there was one back in 1969.

Rolling Stone Tongue

If you don’t know this from the Rolling Stones, designed by John Pasche, we’ll have to go back further. How about the Mayans? This is Ajaw, maybe a sun god from thousands of years ago. I think the sun god is a happy guy. I’d sign off a text with him.

ajaw (2).jpg

And what about the Egyptians? Hieroglyphics are like writing with all emojis.


And let’s not forget Asia.


Yin and yang. The balance of the universe. If you tip it on its side it’s almost a smiley face.


So what does this all mean? I don’t have a clue. I can only guess that when we all join that universal flow of energy in the afterlife, maybe our genetic emoji memory will kick in. Hopefully, we’ll all be as comfortable communicating with them as my nieces.

About Jamie Brazil

Humor writer, romance novelist, Bloodhound enthusiast.

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