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Ask & Tell: Love Letters by Linda Mercury

Note from Jessa: When I was thinking of good contributors to this month of real-life romance, I immediately thought of Linda Mercury. She walks with an air of sexy fun and mystery, and I knew she’d have excellent words to share with us. Take us away, Linda!

I was really thrilled when Jessa Slade asked me to contribute a post to See Jane Publish. After all, I love talking about relationships, and my relationship with The Charming Man is my favorite relationship.


The Charming Man himself!

We get a lot of questions on how to create a healthy partnership. Over the years, I’ve written down our ideas and I am thrilled to present my favorite – how to ask for what you want!

When it comes to asking for what you want, the very first thing you need to ask yourself and your partners is: What is currently working in your intimate lives? Acknowledge what you like. Praise what is going well. When we are less than fulfilled, it is easy to focus on what is lacking. Spend a few moments praising each other.

For example:

  • “You get me so hot when you lick my ear/come up behind me and nuzzle my shoulder/walk around in a towel/wear good undies/__________.”
  • “I want to make sure you know that I think you are the sexiest person ever.”
  • “I like pleasuring you. It’s the most fun I can think of.”
  • Get the drift? Spend a few moments jotting down what you’d like to say to your honey.

These can be verbalized or sent as a love letter.

Are you not sure on how to write a love letter? Let me help you with that!

Hey,____(a)_______ .

I think you are the ___ (b)_______ I would love to have more ________(c)_________sessions with you.

I think we could manage a ____(d)_____ on _____(e)______. Where would this good time take place? _____(f)_______

I want to_____(g)_______

I love, admire, and adore you, ___(h)______


a. Use a pet name, like honey, lover, snickerdoodle, red hot hippo of love.

b. What do you think they are? The bee’s knees? Hottie McHotterson? Sexiest person? The best kisser on the planet? Be specific.

c. What do you want? Intercourse/make-out/kisses/cuddles and giggles? And throw in an adjective, like wild/hot/fun/silly.

d. Give what you want a name, such as date night/weekend get-away/ quickie.

e. Get it on the calendar. Make it soon.

f. Give them a location so they can start fantasizing. How about our bedroom/a hotel/the laundry room?

g. This is where you give a another reference to a specific act that pleasures both of you, like: lick your pussy/kiss you soul to soul/be so deep inside of you, I won’t know where your heart beat ends and mine starts.

h. Your name or nickname here.

Here’s a sample love letter where I ask for what I want.

My darling!

I think you are the foxiest man on the planet and I would love to make a sexy blanket fort with you.

I think we could manage something with cushions, wine, and sweet, shared laughter. And where would this silly good time happen, you ask? How about our front room next Monday night?

I want to kiss, caress, and dream with you.

I adore you,


May you have manygood times with your Beloved!

Oh, and the blanket fort was lovely, too.  🙂

lindaPinupAbout the Author:

When Linda Mercury was four years old, she started reading. She realized that words are powerful and couldn’t stop reading and telling stories. And the rest…is history.

As a writer, she’s deeply passionate about the ability of words to give us courage.

One reader calls her work as “fast paced and full of action” while another declared her writing was, “hot, hot, hot.”

Her books have been featured in Romantic Times Magazine, Night Owl Reviews, and on the Kensington Publishing website, one of the leading publishers of romance novels.

When she’s not writing, you can find her dancing and napping.

VampingitUp_200x300Her most recent release is an erotic novel, Vamping It Up. She is also the author of the paranormal Blood Wings Trilogy.

Available at:

Amazon |  Barnes and Noble  |  Google Play


Linda’s Website  |  Linda on Facebook  |  Facebook Fan Page  |  Twitter


Soul Mates by Betty Booher

Note from Jessa: Betty was my critique partner back in my pre-published days, so she knows all the joys and sorrows of romance writing. Plus she makes music, with an emphasis on the joy side. Now she shares some of that with us today. Thanks for being with us, Betty!

We’ve all read about them, maybe even featured them in our books, but are they real, or just figments of our vivid imaginations, especially when our current spouse/partner/lover has just left their wet towels on the bed for the 14,000th time?

“Oh, if only my Soul Mate would swoop in and carry me away…” we half mutter, half sigh as we drag towels and comforter to the dryer. “If only…”

Not that we don’t love our current partners and have no intention of hunting for a mysterious stranger, but sometimes those wistful words just pop into our brains unbidden. (This might have something to do with reading all those romance novels…just sayin’..)

I thought my husband of 25 years would be my only Soul Mate. We’d met at nineteen, spent our whole adult lives together. After he died, I had no expectation of dating again, let along finding the second love of my life. But through a serendipitous chain of events that included hanging out like a groupie at funky music venues, I’ve found someone who gets parts of me my husband never did. It’s not perfect…but it’s fabulous, even if he doesn’t like the Beatles (I know—I must have left it off the checklist!)

Would it have worked if we’d met at nineteen? Maybe. Probably not. No point in wasting time wondering about it.

Your Soul Mate may be by your side right now, camouflaged by the wet towels, toilet seat left up, and empty milk carton left in the fridge. Trust me, those annoyances mean nothing. Spend your Valentine’s Day remembering all the things you love about each other, the connections that brought you together in the first place and the ones you’ve built since then.

We’ll be celebrating our first Valentine’s Day together in some funky music venue, singing duets and playing old jazz tunes. I can’t think of a more romantic way to spend the holiday with my new Soul Mate.

Now for a bit of shameless self promotion. Stop by our Facebook page, Bellows & Squawk, listen to a few tunes on YouTube, or better yet, stop by the Jade Lounge on Feb. 23rd at 7 pm to see our show live. (It’s way more fun than YouTube!)

B&S #2

The End Is The Beginning… by Nancy Brophy


Two years ago, Kim, Susan and I sat together planning the beginning of See Jane Publish. Yes, there was probably alcohol involved. With minimum floundering we began a blog site and recorded our separate journeys into the changing world of publishing.

Susan and I tested the waters of self-publishing while Kim headed in the direction of editing. It was a heady time. I thought I would never run out of words and those friends who know me would probably have agreed. But time brings change.

The advent of a new career has taken a toil on my writing spirit. The uphill learning curve required by a new job has depleted my creative thoughts and I have found for the past month, I had nothing to say. For the first time in my life I sit in front of a computer screen and ponder the blank page.

For me it is time to drop back and recharge.

Jessie Smith a frequent guest blogger agreed to take over the management of See Jane, bringing in fresh voices and new perspectives. Occasionally I will drop in to poke and prod my fellow writers, but for now I will sit on the sidelines.

To those who read my words, thank you. Even if you didn’t agree, I found your comments insightful and appreciated the opportunity See Jane provided.

I won’t say goodbye, but instead will end with … until we meet again.

Bonehead move

I misspelt Jenna’s name – please Google her at: WWW.JENNAZINE.COM.


Welcome Jenna Zine, Guest Blogger

We are delighted to welcome Jenna Zine as a guest blogger today.  We found her insights delightful and know you will, too. Her words will give you insight into a  Jane In the making…
I’m writing my first novel. It’s made for some of the greatest joy – and greatest hell – I’ve known. The days when I actually sit down, get in the flow, and create some hilarious dialogue? Those are heady moments. Other days are spent popping in and out of my chair, clinging to every distraction I can possibly justify. It turns out I can justify a lot – and my apartment is usually sparkling clean in testament to this fact.bigstock-opened-book-lying-on-the-book-12763865

But, in the end, I keep writing. And, every once in awhile, I’m rewarded with a burst of creativity or an answer to a pesky plot problem. The great thing about the craft is, as much as it is in life, these things happen when we least expect them. Such was the setting when my husband and I randomly dropped into Clyde Common (a restaurant in downtown Portland) before seeing a film at the Living Room Theater. I had recently penned a scene where one of my characters is dining at Clyde Common. She gets in a fight with her husband and runs off to the bathroom to cry. (Good thing it’s fiction – I had a lovely time there with my honey!) I had my character slipping into a stall to bawl, subsequently sitting in pee and having to use the hand dryer to dry the back of her pants. (Did I mention I’m penning a best seller?) While sipping a cocktail with Larry I suddenly realized, “Oh my gosh, I’m here! I should actually check out what the bathroom looks like.” I excused myself, in the name of research. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the ladies’ room was exactly the opposite of how I’d described it. There are no stalls; it’s two gender neutral rooms. Pop in, lock the door and have at it! And when it’s time to wash your hands you’ll find paper towels. Not a hand dryer in sight.

My point? I didn’t research, I assumed. I picked a popular Portland eatery, checked out their menu online and wove it into my novel. One of the hooks in my plot is the backdrop of the city of Portland. There are generous doses of history, people, places and things. I want those things to feel as vivid to the reader as they are to me when I experience them in real life. I want someone to come here, based on reading my novel. I want them to think, “Oh, that’s where Amy had that crazy fight with James. That restaurant sounded cool. Let’s go check it out.” And, when my reader has to pee, I want them to have an authentic experience. I won’t promise you a hand dryer when I’m really schilling paper towels. Even the tiniest detail will be as true as I can make it. I promise to research every bathroom in the Northwest if it means I get it right. And it’s what I hope will make my sweet little Chick Lit novel great.

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