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Marketing and Promotion

Author Marketing 101 – FREE advice on how to market your books and author Persona via Push, Pull, and POP (Point-of-Purchase) marketing. Co-founders, Therese Patrick & C. Morgan Kennedy, have reinterpreted corporate marketing techniques for traditional, indie, e-pub, and self-pub authors.

Nurture Your Book Tourz – Nurture Your BOOKS™ is a global, online, independent author and book promotion company based in Alberta Canada; it is owned and run by the company’s founder, Bobbie Crawford-McCoy.

Self-Publishing / Independent Publishing

The Indie Book Collective – Utilizing the scope of the internet and the power of social media, the Collective helps authors get their work in front of readers.

Self-Publishing Tips for the Uninitiated – Article on blog by self-publishing guru, Marie Force.

Author Blogs

Courtney Milan
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Dean Wesley Smith
JA Konrath
Bob Mayer
Jody Hedlund
Chuck Wendig

Romance Genre Sites

Romance Writers of America

Rose City Romance Writers

Greater Seattle Romance Writers

Contemporary Romance Writers

Rainbow Romance Writers

Inland Empire Chapter of RWA

Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Chapter of RWA

Kiss of Death Chapter of RWA

Review Sites

Night Owl Reviews Book reviews, news and interviews – over 200 each month.

Butterfly-o-Meter Books – L.E.Olteano, aka Livia, is a book-lover and graphic-play enthusiast. Where she may lack in experience, she joyfully makes up in awkwardness and peculiarity 😀

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