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True Love: Balanced and Rotated

tiresWhen my unattached friends ask me where they should look for love, I always steer them in one direction: Costco. My sister found her husband there. In the tire center!

Of course, it wasn’t like their eyes met over a set of all-weather Michelins and the rest was history. My sister liked this rugged, muscular guy. And she needed tires.

She flirted. He flirted back.

They had more than just a Costco connection… didn’t they?

So what’s a love-struck girl who needs tires going to do?

She bought her tires one at a time. Four visits. Four confrontations. Four chances to find out if Mr. Hunky Tire Guy was her true love. It also gave her time muster up the courage to ask him out!

Two children, three dogs, four cats, and multiple sets of tires later, my sister hasHEA_heart_blue been married to Hunky Tire Guy for 12 years! Now that’s what I call true love, Costco-style!

So, my dear, single friends… have you checked out the tread on your tires lately?



Jamie Brazil  is the author of the “delightfully weird and funny…” (Night Owl Reviews) Prince Charming, Inc.


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