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Spring Forward and Plot Your Next Story

Spring has arrived and the sun is finally shining in Portland. While some might feel compelled to clean their house and organize their life, I felt the need to gather with friends and organize my next story.
So I spent this past Sunday conducting my own personal think tank with 5 wonderful friends: Susan Lute (host), Nancy Brophy, Linda Mercury, Wendy Warren and Carolyn Zane. We gathered to exchange story ideas and figure out plot points. There is power in collective creativity with people from your “tribe”. It doesn’t matter if you write the same genre. Our stories ranged from heartwarming, cozy mystery, witches, and vampires, oh my! What matters is that there is a level of trust and support among the group.
For the past few months, my story has been stuck in the Winter Blues. I have an idea for a paranormal young adult story and love my main characters but I couldn’t figure out the villains. This is why you need your writing buddies. When you are hesitant to give drama to your beloved characters, other writers can help you create their worst case scenarios, almost too easily and with non-concealed glee.
After 6 hours of exchanging ideas, the room was buzzing. I felt exhausted and excited with equal measure. Sharing your story is like sharing a secret. For the first time I had to truly explain the ins and outs of a complex story that keeps me awake at night. I spent over an hour drawing pictures and lines to connect the dots. Then I waited for the rejection. I felt like Carrie looking up to see if I was standing underneath a bucket. Instead I just felt support and suggestions from talented writers who want me to succeed. They could see a sparkle to my story and they helped me look at it from other angles.
My only regret is that I didn’t bring a tape recorder. Not just for the notes I don’t remember but to listen to the cadence of our voices. Writers love talking about their stories and you can hear it when they speak. In fact, many writers talk about their characters like they are real people. I’m glad we were in Susan’s home because a public location would have drawn many raised eyebrows with our conversations on how best to redeem a murderous villain or why certain children needed to be orphans for everything to work out in the end.
I left the gathering feeling three things. First, I am extremely motivated to write this story by my self-imposed October 15th deadline. Second, I also can’t wait to read their stories when completed and I will help keep them motivated. Lastly, I am lucky to have found such great writing friends.
If you feel energized by collective collaboration, I encourage you to find your own writing tribe and get started on organizing your own potluck plotting sessions. If you don’t know where to start and you write Happily Ever Afters, the Romance Writers of America (RWA) has local writing chapters all over the country. Writing is a solitary task but you don’t have to do it alone.

The coffee table books of a true writer!


The Temperature is Rising! Linda Mercury and Dracula’s Secret

[Note from Jessa: Since the Janes have some good friends with new releases lately, we thought we’d do some blog takeovers. I thrilled to have Linda Mercury here to share a re-release of her dark and sexy twist on Dracula. With temperatures dropping here in the northern latitudes, it’s time for something hot!]

draculas_secret1Dracula’s Secret
Blood Wings Series
by Linda Mercury


She calls herself Valerie Tate. One of the few vampires left on earth, as beautiful as she is powerful, Valerie has resisted her craving for human blood for years, just as she once hid her true gender. But the night she lays eyes on the most enticing man she’s ever seen, her appetite can no longer be denied.

He radiates goodness and light-and searing sexual energy. Valerie must have him. Taste him. Consume him. For he is temptation-and he is her destiny . . .

Lance Soleil is a rugged war veteran who runs a homeless shelter in Portland.

At first gaze, he knows what Valerie is-and wants her even more. But when he welcomes a pack of werewolves into his shelter, he attracts the attention of Valerie’s oldest rival-her bloodthirsty brother, Radu, who hopes to become the first vampire President of the United States.

Valerie knows Radu has a hidden agenda, and with Lance’s help she is determined to stop his unholy rise to power. But first, she must risk their growing love by fully revealing herself-as the one and only Dracula . . .

Buy here: Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble


When Linda Mercury was four years old, she started reading. She realized that words are powerful and couldn’t stop reading andtelling stories. And the rest…is history.

As a writer, she’s deeply passionate about the ability of words to give us courage.

One reader calls her work as “fast paced and full of action” while another declared her writing was, “hot, hot, hot.”

When she’s not writing, you can find her napping and dancing.

Website and blog  |  Twitter  |  Facebook

Buy here: Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble

A Bonus to being a Writer: Moving your “Office” to a New Location

It’s the end of January and I’m already struggling to keep up with my ambitious 2016 writing goals. I have a slight case of writer’s block and other self-defeating behaviors that plague many writers. There is a saying that if you are stuck in a rut, try a new environment. Since writers just need their imagination to spill onto a laptop (or with a paper and pen), their location to conduct their work can be subject to change at any moment.

That is what happened this past weekend. My friend and fellow writer, Linda Mercury, decided that we were going to step away from our “offices” and try a new place to write for the day. We ended up treating ourselves to a posh lunch and then writing in the hotel lobby at the infamous Heathman Hotel, which was used as a setting in the Fifty Shades of Grey. This hotel has a prestige reputation but they have embraced their connection to this erotic novel (and I’m sure there is a significant financial incentive in doing so). In the bar, there is a 50 Shades inspired cocktail that comes with a complimentary set of decorative handcuffs. But the most impressive part of this hotel is their library, where guests can find autographed books of authors who have stayed at their hotel. It’s alluring to be writing your work-in-progress surrounded by bookcases and daydreaming that your book could one day be on their shelves.


It was an afternoon treat to write in a new location, do some interesting people watching, and break out of my writing rut. A question to my fellow writers, where is the most interesting place you have held an “office”?

Ask & Tell: Love Letters by Linda Mercury

Note from Jessa: When I was thinking of good contributors to this month of real-life romance, I immediately thought of Linda Mercury. She walks with an air of sexy fun and mystery, and I knew she’d have excellent words to share with us. Take us away, Linda!

I was really thrilled when Jessa Slade asked me to contribute a post to See Jane Publish. After all, I love talking about relationships, and my relationship with The Charming Man is my favorite relationship.


The Charming Man himself!

We get a lot of questions on how to create a healthy partnership. Over the years, I’ve written down our ideas and I am thrilled to present my favorite – how to ask for what you want!

When it comes to asking for what you want, the very first thing you need to ask yourself and your partners is: What is currently working in your intimate lives? Acknowledge what you like. Praise what is going well. When we are less than fulfilled, it is easy to focus on what is lacking. Spend a few moments praising each other.

For example:

  • “You get me so hot when you lick my ear/come up behind me and nuzzle my shoulder/walk around in a towel/wear good undies/__________.”
  • “I want to make sure you know that I think you are the sexiest person ever.”
  • “I like pleasuring you. It’s the most fun I can think of.”
  • Get the drift? Spend a few moments jotting down what you’d like to say to your honey.

These can be verbalized or sent as a love letter.

Are you not sure on how to write a love letter? Let me help you with that!

Hey,____(a)_______ .

I think you are the ___ (b)_______ I would love to have more ________(c)_________sessions with you.

I think we could manage a ____(d)_____ on _____(e)______. Where would this good time take place? _____(f)_______

I want to_____(g)_______

I love, admire, and adore you, ___(h)______


a. Use a pet name, like honey, lover, snickerdoodle, red hot hippo of love.

b. What do you think they are? The bee’s knees? Hottie McHotterson? Sexiest person? The best kisser on the planet? Be specific.

c. What do you want? Intercourse/make-out/kisses/cuddles and giggles? And throw in an adjective, like wild/hot/fun/silly.

d. Give what you want a name, such as date night/weekend get-away/ quickie.

e. Get it on the calendar. Make it soon.

f. Give them a location so they can start fantasizing. How about our bedroom/a hotel/the laundry room?

g. This is where you give a another reference to a specific act that pleasures both of you, like: lick your pussy/kiss you soul to soul/be so deep inside of you, I won’t know where your heart beat ends and mine starts.

h. Your name or nickname here.

Here’s a sample love letter where I ask for what I want.

My darling!

I think you are the foxiest man on the planet and I would love to make a sexy blanket fort with you.

I think we could manage something with cushions, wine, and sweet, shared laughter. And where would this silly good time happen, you ask? How about our front room next Monday night?

I want to kiss, caress, and dream with you.

I adore you,


May you have manygood times with your Beloved!

Oh, and the blanket fort was lovely, too.  🙂

lindaPinupAbout the Author:

When Linda Mercury was four years old, she started reading. She realized that words are powerful and couldn’t stop reading and telling stories. And the rest…is history.

As a writer, she’s deeply passionate about the ability of words to give us courage.

One reader calls her work as “fast paced and full of action” while another declared her writing was, “hot, hot, hot.”

Her books have been featured in Romantic Times Magazine, Night Owl Reviews, and on the Kensington Publishing website, one of the leading publishers of romance novels.

When she’s not writing, you can find her dancing and napping.

VampingitUp_200x300Her most recent release is an erotic novel, Vamping It Up. She is also the author of the paranormal Blood Wings Trilogy.

Available at:

Amazon |  Barnes and Noble  |  Google Play


Linda’s Website  |  Linda on Facebook  |  Facebook Fan Page  |  Twitter

Resolve 2013 Continues With Linda Mercury’s Quick Bliss Tips

art-resolve2013Linda Mercury left behind a varied career as a librarian, art model, and professional clown to pursue writing. She’s interested in writing, romance, Middle Eastern History, reading, organizing, cooking, hand-made silk Turkish rugs, and the Nike of Samothrace.

I’ve always loved Linda’s bio. Doesn’t being a professional clown sound like the finest definition of bliss? Please help me welcome Linda as she shares her hints for finding bliss.

I came late to my bliss. And I still manage to mislay it amongst my to-do lists and addiction to worry. Therefore, I had to come up with Quick Bliss Tips just to get by. Here are a few I keep in a notebook near my desk.

  1. Life is an experiment. It is okay if what you like changes.
  2. Don’t be afraid of letting something go to make room for a bigger bliss.
  3. Invite pleasure into my world. Not just the pleasure of romantic love, but also things that delight the senses, such as music, scent, a nice clacky keyboard under my fingers, or well-fitting headphones.
  4. Buy new undies that do not itch, pinch, or scratch. It is hard to feel relaxed when your tender parts are uncomfortable.
  5. Dance! Stand up from that desk, move away from the stove, and rediscover, every day, the beauty of your body, which is both the temple and vehicle of your bliss.
  6. Hang in there!

I hope this helps you, too.

Excellent advice. And I especially like, Life is an experiment. Linda is the author of the Blood WingslindaPinupcloseup Series from eKensington:

Dracula’s Secret

Dracula’s Desires

Dracula Unleashed


You  can find her at: her Blog, Facebook, Twitter. And don’t forget to support your local authors by becoming a “fan” on Goodreads. In the meantime visit Paty Jager’s blog where the talk is all about volunteering.

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