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‘Tis February — the month of Valentine’s Day! So I thought I’d share a few things I love. Because, er, the world needs more love, yeah?

First, even though I’m a little behind on newfangled music, I stumbled over this song from a country-western singer (!) that I loved. It has an odd sci-fi quality to it I thought. Plus…love. Apparently the heroine in the video is also the singer’s wife. How delightful is that?

Second of the things I love… I finished a book! The first of 2017. 🙂 Man, I LOVE the feeling of finishing a book. It’s a new title from one of my pen names, Jenna Dales, who has been sadly languishing on a far back burner while I cavort with my other pen name, Elsa Jade. I’m tempted to pit them against each other in a Thunderdome-style write-off. But that wouldn’t be very loving, would it? So in the interests of fairness, sisterhood, and romance, Jenna Dales’ story is off to New York and while we wait to hear back, Elsa Jade is going to write the next story. Wish me lucky in love, and we shall see whom readers love more!

And thirdly, for a touch of real-life romance… Here are my two best beloveds, both of them smiling.


Happy almost Valentine’s Day!


Attitude of gratitude

This month at See Jane Publish we’re talking about how-tos, but since it’s also the Thanksgiving season, I thought I’d contemplate “how to holiday”.

As we accelerate at breakneck speed into the holiday season, I guess this is the time to take a moment to reflect on all the good things we have and we can look forward too — but WHO HAS THE FREAKIN’ TIME?!?! How do people manage to pull off this whole “life” thing?!

Ahem. Excuse me. That is the leftover Halloween candy shrieking talking. (And by “leftover”, of course I mean “specifically purchased in excess of the estimated number of trick’or’treaters”.) I LIKE the holidays — or I WANT to like the holidays, but they make me nuts. And I don’t like nuts in my chocolate. I like to do handmade things for Christmas, but every year I find myself rushing to get through instead of mediating on the loved ones who receive the items. (I just accidentally typed medicating instead, which goes to show you how nuts I am.)

This year, I’m trying to be a little more mindful. According to my calendar, I have the “last” book in my Wolves of Angels Rest series (it’s not really the last-last, just the last in this second trilogy) coming out tomorrow. And then I have most of a month off. (And by “off”, of course I mean only day job, second day job, and holiday prep.)  A whole month with no writing deadlines looming! December and January are gonna be reeeeeeeediculous, but for a few weeks here at the end of the harvest season — we still have a bit of broccoli, peppers, and lettuce in the garden, not to mention some brussels sprouts (no really, let’s NOT mention the brussels sprouts, eeeewwwww) — I am going to FOCUS on what I want to like about the holidays: family and friends, gifts and good food, the promise of peace.

We’ll see how I do…AFTER tomorrow’s release. 😉

On a scale of candy-comatose to full-on frantic, where are you in your love of holidays? Share in comments to commiserate… No, wait, we’re being grateful. So share a tip for mellowing out instead.

And I’ll leave you with Monster Girl, who was very much NOT into the seasonal spirit with her ghost dog costume. It was my trick, but she got the treat.

ghost dog 1

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